Opposing viewpoints: Rise of hook-up culture caused by technology is a myth


Adam Kovel, Managing editor, Opinions editor

Contrary to popular belief, love remains as strong and prevalent as ever, despite the growing number of people trying to “hook up” with others according to the American Psychological Association’s recent study.

While doubters believe that the increased technology availability makes hooking up easier than before, it also creates benefits for relationships. Most bachelors use apps such as Tinder to find other singles to flirt with, but couples can find other forms of technology to stay in touch and in love.

FaceTime, the video-chat feature on iPhones, allow many people in relationships to see their partners, even if they are not physically with each other. The fact that this is available proves revolutionary. Previously, long-distance relationships had trouble lasting, as the most difficult aspect remained lack of availability to see each other. However, with FaceTime, this difficulty eases the strain on the relationship.

Naysayers believe that the new social media spin allows for cheating to become easier, as someone can simply Direct Message another user on Twitter. While this remains true, it says more about the person deciding to cheat than anything else. Every generation consists of people being unfaithful to their significant other, but this era gets more exposure for it because social media allows it to be revealed to the public.

Technology allows more “single” people to find others, and television acts like clubbing has become the norm. In reality, the only people clubbing and just trying to meet up are not those looking for relationships at the time, as most of those people are young and just want to have fun. These people have existed since the beginning of the dating scene, so why are they just now garnering attention for not being in committed relationships?

While current circumstances allow for more “hook ups,” relationships do not fall to technology’s impulses. Instead, most existing relationships can outlive previous ones. Technology allows ample opportunities to thrive in a committed relationship.

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