Swimming into a new era: NC breaks ground on rooftop pool


Amber Roldan

NC welcomes a new state-of-the-art aquatic center to its humble Kennesaw campus. The idea manifested from a rumor passed around by students and became a reality thanks to donor Micheal Phelps. The rooftop pool will attract swimmers from around the country, inevitably increasing the student population at NC

Amber Roldan, Editor-In-Chief

NC students pride themselves on the continuation of numerous traditions each year. For years, NC’s upperclassmen have enjoyed telling freshmen about the alleged pool on top of the Deal building. This innocent white lie served as a form of initiation for freshmen and created full circle moments for upperclassmen who once believed in the rumor.

“I can’t believe that we never actually had a swimming pool. When I first heard about the pool I decided that I would try out for the water polo team because it seemed like such a cool opportunity. But after spending the majority of this year asking people for information and directions to the pool, I guess it makes sense why I never found any answers,” freshman Ariel Smith said.

Although students often think that their teachers never overhear conversations and rumors, this naive hope proves inaccurate. Once NC’s teachers caught onto this sneaky tradition, they quickly took matters into their own hands. The majority of NC’s staff agreed that adding a swimming pool would resemble an enriching asset that would allow students to receive more of a balanced education. NC’s administration staff loved the idea of adding a swimming pool and adding a water polo team to the lengthy list of athletics offered at NC. However, pure hope and optimism can not fund the construction of a rooftop pool, so funding quickly became an issue. Determined to be the first Cobb County high school with an on-campus pool, Principal Mathew Moody took matters into his own hands. With one simple phone call to an old friend, Moody acquired the money needed to fund NC’s new swimming pool. 

“I was more than happy to donate four billion dollars to help bring a Swimming Pool to NC. Aquatic sports are often overlooked and I want to make sure that we begin to deconstruct this harsh reality. I believe that building a pool at NC is the first step to making this dream come to fruition,” Micheal Phelps said.

NC students will use the new rooftop aquatic center on a daily basis. The facility will allow both the Swim and Dive and the new Water polo team to practice and host county-wide events. In addition to strictly a lap pool, the facility boasts a lazy river and water slide. Staff and students will celebrate the opening of NC’s new pool with a “dive-in” movie showing of “Finding Nemo” on Friday, April 8. 

April Fools, you fool!


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