From Warriors to Wildcats: Zach steals the show


Ren Lloyd

A truly extravagant event occurred last month for the NC drama club. On the last day of the High School Musical performance, an A-list actor Zac Efron appeared on stage as a character from the show. With sheer shock and excitement from the crowd, this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence put NC on the map.

Ren Lloyd, Reporter

This semester, the NC drama department performed the High School Musical musical for students after months of preparation. Anyone who knows about the Disney classic “High School Musical” knows the main character, Troy Bolton, played by actor Zac Efron. On the last day of NC’s show, Efron shocked the crowd as he strolled onto the stage to once again star as Troy. 

In 2006 Disney Channel released the first High School Music movie. This modern Romeo and Juliet film tells the story of a group of high school friends who auditioned for their school musical. The most popular guy at the school, Troy Bolton, falls in love with a soft-spoken nerd Gabriella Montez, played by Vanessa Hudgens. The High School Musical franchise reached over 700 million dollars and received over 250 million dollars at the box office only two years after its release.

“I am so happy that our show did well. From auditions in December to now I am so proud of our cast and crew. Each person carried out their role perfectly and I really appreciate everyone’s contribution to the play. I am also so happy to have met all of the underclassmen and create awesome bonds with them,” senior Abigail Nwachukwu said.

Due to his role as Troy Bolton, Efron became the most successful actor in the High School Musical cast. Following the last High School Musical movie, he earned roughly three to five million dollars. After starring in High School Musical, Efron starred in multiple blockbuster movies such as Hairspray and The Greatest Showman. Although Efron became highly credited due to his role in High School Musical, he claimed to dislike the role because he did not like the pop culture scene. Regardless of his previous dislike, he felt that it helped him become one of the most popular male actors. 

“High School Musical has been a blessing and a gift. I had an amazing experience working with these kids at NC, it allowed me to have fun but it was also a teaching experience. Although I didn’t like my role in High School Musical as much as some would suspect, I had a great time working with Cheyne to help him perfect his role and reminisce about mine,” actor Efron said.

For the second semester of this school year, the drama department worked hard to put on an amazing rendition of High School Musical. On the opening night of Thursday, March 24, the cast finally put on their performance and received a standing ovation for their memorable dedication. Two days later, the cast begrudgingly put on their last performance, however, they shocked the crowd with a surprising guest star. Instead of Cheyne Jackson walking onto the stage as Troy Bolton, Efron walked on stage as the crowd went wild. Everyone pulled out their phones to take photos and videos of the admired celebrity on stage.

  “The moment I saw Efron on the stage I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a mixture of shock and excitement all at once. I immediately took out my phone and took as many pictures as possible because that was really like a once in a lifetime opportunity. The fact that he chose our school to come and perform at is still so crazy and I’m really glad I didn’t miss it,” senior Angelina Sisoupahn said. 

Everyone in the audience received the lucky opportunity to meet Efron and receive an autograph from him as well. He both helped the drama department execute an extraordinary performance as well as connected back to his days as Troy in High School Musical. Now everyone knows NC as the first high school in Georgia to include an A-list celebrity in their Spring Musical.


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