Smarts before arts


Valentina Gonzalez

School graduates all over the world currently benefit from the education they received in core classes in school. Multiple students who prioritize their core classes rather than art stem from their parents’ successful track during their time in school. “My dad is an engineer at a really high-tech company in Atlanta. My mom is a health scientist at the US Department of Health and Human Services also in Atlanta. They raised me very well and explained the way of the world to me when I was very young. Now, I am a magnet student at North Cobb taking some AP classes as well. I would definitely say my parents are the reason why I am currently successful in school today,” Freshman Marissa Grier said.

Valentina Gonzalez, Reporter

More academic courses should replace the arts in schools. In 1837, Horace Mann first established public schools as an educational school system, meant for children to learn valuable things in preparation for life. In general, schools only focused on reading, writing, and arithmetics. The creation of arts instruction in schools opened the eyes of those who hated the idea of learning essential elements in school. 

NC benefits from its well-achieved International Studies program. NC should eliminate all options for arts programs from their curriculums and focus on their proven successful academic programs. While they could seem like a creative outlet to a couple of students, arts lead to nothing but spare time. Multiple NC students choose to enroll in the arts programs which include art, theater, band and orchestra,. in order to relax with free time during their school hours. 

“Honestly, the only reason I joined art is that I heard kids could go on their phones the entire time while pretending to research something to paint. I get ok grades in that class because, in the last minutes, I draw a bird or something so that the teacher thinks I’ve been doing work. I don’t even know the teacher’s name,” freshman Jack MacKain said.

The art classes at NC do not contain any value or substance to them. The arts just provide a free period for students who take advantage of school hours, while NC academics provide reasonable advantages for determined students’ futures and careers. No NC graduate has made it to success by way of the art classes, yet multiple graduates who focused on academics currently attend colleges and universities learning how to improve their academic minds and careers. 

The University of Georgia remains in the top three best universities in Georgia. A multitude of students who attend NC plan to transition to UGA after graduation. Known for the research and promotion of agricultural and sea-based programs, UGA remains fitting for students and scholars who appreciate and value the information and knowledge that academic courses constantly provide. Educational learning looks better on the most significant or important jobs and college applications. Most colleges and universities, require core classes for all students to take, for the advantage of a well-rounded education that includes discipline, and also to help ensure students’ future success in a range of careers.

“I think it’s obvious that if someone has a good education, they have a better chance at being more successful than someone who doesn’t. Education is important in almost every aspect and keeps proving to be the best, career-wise. In school, if you fail an art class, they most likely won’t make you retake it, because it doesn’t matter. But they’ll make you retake a core class,” freshman David Achamaja said.

Eliminating NC’s art classes would ensure an academic and professional mindset for students. Students should consider this potential change for their own benefit. Cutting the arts would increase everyone’s smarts.


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