Catchy boy band Rixton will placate masses with Maroon Five-esque vibes

Arsheen Kour, Reporter

Boy band extravaganza has resurfaced amongst the music industry. Rising pop band Rixton recently released their new single “Wait on Me” while their song “Me and My Broken Heart” tops charts and dominates radio stations.

Though Rixton displays no charm that distinguishes them from other bands, their catchy tunes entice listeners. And although I would not download these tracks on impulse, their lyrics remain in my head, especially lyrics from “Wait on Me.”

“We knew what we wanted—huge pop songs with soul,” lead vocalist Jake Roche said to Moxie Radio in an exclusive interview.

Rixton wanted to incorporate a pop style, similar to Maroon 5, but with R&B elements. They certainly achieved the sound with “Wait on Me,” but it excluded them from the R&B genre. They belong to the pop genre, and just one listen to “Wait On Me” can prove it. The song contains upbeat instrumentals; however, the lyrics did not exceed my expectations.

Although the band does not belong in the R&B genre, they do attempt an R&B sound in their single “We All Want the Same Thing.” Lead singer Jake Roche’s soulful voice compensates as R&B, but the instrumentals provide a more pop sound. As thousands of songs already crune about watching girls dance and wanting to pursue them, this one merely adds to the list and leaves me unimpressed.

Their single “Appreciated” provides a softer tone than their usual pop theme. The song opens with a catchy whistling and an acoustic which, sounded slightly country, but quickly turns once Roche begins singing. The song contains gentle lyrics, with a theme surrounding the need to appreciate a girl who puts others before herself. Heartwarming, yes, but not necessarily original. Plenty of songs already exist with the same concept; however, the catchy whistling in the beginning of the song got me to listen to its entirety. And even though the song’s meaning does not display originality, it still conveys a nice message.

Rixton’s most popular song “Me and My Broken Heart” provides nothing but a catchy tune. Since the song sounds all too familiar, I could not enjoy it as much as the other songs. And since the radio constantly plays the record, I am sick of it and sadly have the lyrics memorized. Although “Me and My Broken Heart” does not appeal to me, Rixton’s single “Hotel Ceiling” stands as one of my most favorite songs from the band. For those who do not enjoy typical pop sounds, I only recommend this song along with “Appreciated.” With a sound similar to Maroon 5, Rixton most definitely appeals to pop fans.

The Chant’s grade: B-