Summer ‘22 bucket list 


Jacey Cuffie

With COVID-19 calming down, teens look for ways to take advantage of their summer and do things that they could not for the last two years. With shopping centers and amusement parks opening back up, people obtain countless options of what they can do this summer. Check out these four items to add to the summer 2022 bucket list.

Jacey Cuffie, Reporter

Summer break quickly approaches. For the past two years, students could not enjoy their summer break because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the virus calming down, students can finally savor the summer break they deserve. Various countries open their borders, allowing for travel. Amusement parks and shopping malls are also open with little to no restrictions. These four fun adventures should definitely make the summer 2022 bucket list. 

Number one: take a trip to Six Flags. Located in Austell Georgia, Six Flags attracts 32 million visitors a year. People of all ages enjoy roller coasters and a family-friendly environment. The restaurants at Six Flags also get positive attention. Guests can enjoy water rides for days that feel extra hot. Inside of the main park, Six Flags contains a mini water park for not only children but adults too. Not only can customers ride roller coasters, but they can play games as well. Arcades, basketball nets and go-karts all exist in the park for people to play and win prizes. Six Flags makes a perfect place for friends to attend over the summer and make the happiest memories. 

“Over the summer I really want to go to Six Flags. Since the pandemic, I haven’t been able to go to an amusement park due to it being overcrowded. I really just want the roller coaster adrenaline back. I plan on going with my family or friends over the summer. My favorite ride at Six Flags is the Goliath, of course, but also the twisted cyclone,” magnet sophomore Imani Mensah said.

Number two: look for love. As teenagers age, they look for someone to spend quality time with other than their close friends. While countless people view teen relationships as pointless, others disagree, believing they can find true love in high school. To obtain a partner,  find a type. Make a pros and cons list of likes and dislikes. Next, join a new group. Expanding friend groups and venturing out proves the best way to meet new people. Lastly, show true personality by expressing individuality. Remember, cupid might strike when least expected. Use summer to self-improve and obtain a lover.

“Over the summer I want to get a boyfriend. The whole semester I have pulled nobody and I haven’t been with anybody since September, and that relationship was very unhealthy so I’m ready to start again. My dream boyfriend is someone who is athletic, cute and consistent. I plan to go out and have more fun and meet more people by going out,” sophomore Nailah Goldsby said. 

Number three: focus on a sport. Almost all high school athletes dream of obtaining a scholarship for college. For various students, sports exist as their way into college and the off-season makes the best time to work and improve techniques. The NC track remains open for all students during the summer. Even if athletes do not play a sport, they can still come to the track and work out, meet with other athletes and plan a day over summer break to work out together. 

“I plan to work on football during our summer break. With junior year coming, I really want to make sure that I can start the season off really well. A lot of my teammates have been getting offers and it’s really inspiring me to get better so I can join the club. My goal is to have more playing time in the fall and obviously get some scholarships,” sophomore Josiah Alexander said. 

Number four: visit family. With fewer COVID restrictions, family members now feel more comfortable with large gatherings. After talking over Zoom and Facetime for so long, people now crave that face-to-face attention. Families that live in different states can also take the time to explore a new area all while making memories. Take the summer to spend time with family and catch up with one another.

“I would like to go to Kenya and visit my family this summer. I have never actually been there. I was supposed to go but covid ruined our plans. I would like to meet family members I haven’t met and get a cultural feel like eating the food, learning the lifestyle and trying to learn more Swahili. If I had to guess, my favorite thing about Kenya would be to go to a famous safari and see the animals,” magnet sophomore Lois Mwenja said. 

The anticipation for summer 2022 awaits as teens want to make up for the past two summers stolen from them. Teenagers should remember to practice safety and remember the virus did not completely disappear but most importantly make the most of this summer.