Come visit Rac Tropical


Divine Idiku

Rac Tropical, a tropical food market in Kennesaw, offers ingredients from Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. The restaurant sells breakfast foods, herbal tea, dairy and meat along with a variety of spicy foods. Rac Tropical urges people who love trying different types of food to come to visit their business.

Divine Idiku, Reporter

Emelda and Joseph Anangfack first opened Rac Tropical, an international food market selling ingredients from various continents in November 2011. The loving couple opened the shop to share their African culture with the world. They plan to maintain and grow their shop, as well as continue the business’s legacy. They decided to move to Georgia due to Mrs. Anangfack’s job, and they opened a business in Kennesaw because they live in the area and did not want to travel far. The humble, Christian family has run their business for almost 13 years. Mrs. Anangfack loves putting smiles on people’s faces, especially during her job as a social worker and she tries to pour this quality into her business.

The Anangfack family comes from Cameroon, and they hold great love for Afro-Caribbean culture and food. They came to America in search of better opportunities. They also relish eating Nigerian food like egusi and okra soup. They sell ingredients like garri and yam flour to make the popular African delicacy, fufu. In addition to fufu, they offer the ingredients used to make the popular Nigerian Jollof Rice. Customers can find popular Kenyan foods such as uji plain, kenkey fufu and cornmeal in the restaurant. They also sell basic breakfast food ingredients like bread, powdered milk, peak milk and Golden Morn.

Rac Tropical offers suya, a traditional grilled or barbecued spiced meat that originates from West Africa. They sell “ready-to-eat” suya as a quick bite whilst shopping for groceries. This glorifying dish serves well with its ground red pepper.

 The shop offers ingredients and foods from Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. They recommend a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables such as spinach and okra. Moreover, they put on sale various types of meat like goat meat and sausage. They invite people who love trying a diverse selection of foods. They also offer ingredients for people who do not love spicy food.

“I opened Rac Tropical as a form of extra income and it’s like my second passion. Working as a social worker, and working for the state, I decided to have something personal which is running my own business,” Mrs. Anangfack said.

   Rac Tropical advertises organic foods for a cheap price, as opposed to other organic stores. Americans come to Rac Tropical to buy herbal tea, dairy products and meat. Multiple people want to try new food and people research African and organic food. Rac Tropical also sells American clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry. People can find these items in the back corner of their shop next to the breakfast aisle.

 “People should come to Rac tropical because we treat our customers with respect and honesty and we aspire to exceed our customers’ expectations. We treat our environment clean, we have up-to-date merchandise, we try to meet up with our customer’s needs and we do our best to import whatever our customers need,” Mrs. Anangfack said.