JID continues his story with new album


David Cabrera

JID’s long-awaited sequel to his critically acclaimed debut album was finally released on August 26, 2022, and hip-hop fans view “The Forever Story” as the best to come out this year. This album shows growth for JID in multiple aspects, as not only does his rapping ability and wordplay improve, but his singing abilities reach new heights and his capability to craft an album surely progresses over the years.

Ivan Mendoza, Reporter

 On March 10, 2017, East Atlanta artist JID released his studio debut album “The Never Story”, an album that showcased the artist’s potential in the rap game and his versatility. JID’s ability to switch from trap-heavy songs such as “NEVER” to laid-back tracks such as “Somebody” and layer them with intricate wordplay and flows impressed any hip-hop fan, and quickly became the next upcoming artist to reach people’s song rotations. 

“I really like JID as an artist and I love how versatile he is, especially in his present features. My favorite album from his is ‘Spilligion’ because each song kind of resonates and creates a vibe like no other. I can add a JID song to any playlist without it throwing off any vibe,” NC junior Titomi Adeyinka said.

After releasing “DiCaprio 2” in late 2018, the Dreamville artist took a break from dropping single projects and instead featured in a plethora of songs with artists such as Aminé, Denzel Curry and Imagine Dragons. Earlier this year, he featured in a Dreamville track titled “Stick”, a piece full of energy and hype where JID does not fail to meet any expectations and left fans waiting for his next release.

JID and Naskademini

The five-year wait for “The Forever Story” ended on August 26, 2022, and JID released one of his most refined pieces of work and arguably the best work in his entire discography. The intro track “Galaxy” mirrors the intro to his debut album, only this time the track contains calm and soothing production, as JID sings the memorable lyrics “Everyone’s a star, every day’s the move.” The track abruptly transitions to a voicemail, which then transitions to the next track “Raydar”. This song acts as the perfect description of JID’s style, with heavy bass and 808s and his impressive ability to switch flows that match with sudden beat switches. 

Dropping two weeks before the album’s release, “Dance Now” featuring Kenny Mason remains one of the best songs on this album. The sample used throughout the song sounds amazing, and JID compliments the beat with great energy and lyricism. On the following track “Crack Sandwich”, he showcases his range in wordplay and story-telling, yet the song slightly falters in energy in the second half. 

Produced by Grammy-winner Kaytranada alongside critically-acclaimed drummer JD Beck, “Can’t Punk Me” carries a balance of energy and flow that matches the quick drums playing in the background that one can only describe as hypnotic. Longtime collaborators of JID and rap duo EARTHGANG  also feature on this, and the duo arguably carries the song into new territory. The sixth track “Surround Sound”, continues JID’s streak of nearly perfect songs, and similar to the songs previously mentioned deserves a spot in everyone’s playlist. 21 Savage and JID carry great chemistry together, and although Baby Tate’s feature ended abruptly, all three artists perform amazingly on this track. 

“Kody Blu 31” shows growth in JID’s singing capabilities, with a performance that will make any longtime fan of his emotional. On the seventh track of the album, JID crosses the invisible barrier from rapping to singing and crafts a song that sounds both orchestral and soulful. The drums become addictive to listen to and the buildup to the chorus all make the song deserve the spotlight.

“I had to get a singing coach. Really being able to sing is fire, so I’m trying to rap at the highest level and sing at the highest level,” JID said.

The album’s second half contains better features than the first with artists ranging from Lil Wayne to Lil Durk, yet the most noticeable and accessible songs reside in the first half. As an entire collection of songs and melodies, “The Forever Story” stands as a victory lap for JID when comparing it to his first album, and deserves all the love and attention it currently draws. 


The Chant’s Rating: A+