The lipstick effect


Callie Kinsinger

Makeup serves as an intricate, time-passing activity that can occupy both makeup artists and amateurs who create their own makeup looks. It involves a high level of artistry and creativity, resulting in detailed creations. Skilled makeup artists put intense passion into their work and take pride in their work, giving them confidence.

Callie Kinsinger, Features Editor

Makeup can boost the self-confidence of the wearer, which helps those struggling with a positive self-image. Makeup can create an illusion of the desired look improving grades, self morale and attitude.

“Personally I find that I am more confident and outgoing when wearing makeup which helps my people skills and makes me less shy. Wearing makeup makes me feel prettier and I am more likely to be social when I am wearing it,” sophomore Kaydence Malcom said.

This boost of self-confidence comes from something called the “Lipstick Effect,” a phenomenon, showing that women who wear makeup receive higher grades than those who do not. Those who wear makeup take pride in their looks and feel empowered in their own skin. This helps them feel as if they occupy control of their life and can make their own decisions.

The research on the Lipstick Effect, conducted by Harvard Medical School, also shows that wearing makeup can make women feel smarter. The women that wore makeup in the study felt a boost of self-esteem and improved cognitive abilities.

“I feel like makeup improves how I do on tests and performances because when you feel like you look good you’re more likely to do good. I act the same I normally would but I feel more confident,” senior Kathryn Brinkley said.

Along with improving grades, the general mood boost that makeup brings allows for a more enjoyable day. Wearing makeup can help people feel put together in the mornings, like a motivational kickstart each day. It becomes an automatic daily routine that helps numerous people feel at peace, and that no matter what happens, they know what works for them and they try their best.

“Wearing makeup during color guard performances helps the technique and the effort put into it. I have found I do much better [when] wearing makeup than without. At color guard practices my effort is at 80% but with makeup on at performances it boosts to 110%,” Malcom said.

Although makeup stands as a completely optional choice for people who want to enhance their natural beauty, it becomes an adequate option. Learning perks come as a side effect of wearing makeup bringing confidence and satisfaction to users.