Before judging Black Thursday and Friday shoppers, consider this


Fatima Elfakahany, Reporter

Black Friday has quickly become an American tradition. We eat Thanksgiving dinner, go to bed, then wake up early the next day to stand in line for hours at a time to get great deals. Recently, Black Friday has turned into Black Thursday as well, leading some people perhaps to miss Thanksgiving with families altogether and prompting protest from a large amount of naysayers.

Lining up at store doors for good deals on a day meant to give thanks appalls some people. Especially considering that there are those who have no choice in the matter, who are forced to miss Thanksgiving with their families because people who miss the holiday to shop exists everywhere across the United States. While that part of the event remains unfair, what other people do on Thanksgiving is really up to them.

Some do not celebrate Thanksgiving. They, perhaps, do not believe something really exists to celebrate (the original Thanksgiving story does not match up with the one that people think they know). Or perhaps they simply do not care for the holiday. Some, however, maybe cannot afford to sit down for the typical elaborate and pricey Thanksgiving dinner that Americans insist upon.

Some who shop during Black Thursday and Friday do desperately want those good deals to save a penny or two. For others, though, those who cannot afford much, it is the only opportunity to buy certain necessary items or Christmas presents for family. The deals presented on Black Thursday night and Black Friday may help a family tremendously, bringing them happiness and security even for just a moment in their lives.

Yes, a certain irony exists as people give thanks for their lives on minute and then immediately rush off to stores to buy materialistic items many could do without the next minute. But we are Americans, and we would do that sort of thing anyway, Thanksgiving or no. We crave deals because we work hard and wish to have as much money and items as possible to show for it. Black Thursday and Black Friday simply allow us to complete our desire in one day.

Thinking of those who genuinely need and rely on Black Thursday/Friday, however, one cannot condemn a day that helps them in their time of need.