Rihanna ready to work her way through Super Bowl 2023


Eladia Scott

This recreation of Rihanna’s recent Instagram post of the NFL football in her hand reminds viewers of the original post that broke the internet as fans raved over the meaning. The entrepreneur announced she would perform at the first Apple Music Super Bowl in 2023. Following the Twitter post by NFL and Apple Music, they have officially confirmed Rihanna will act as the headliner artist.

Eladia Scott, Reporter

With the news of pop star beauty and skincare mogul, Rihanna set to perform at the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show in February, fans highly anticipate the performance nationwide. The official accounts of the NFL and Apple Music expressed their excitement on  Twitter September 25 to confirm Rihanna’s Sunday performance. The National Football League (NFL) post approved Rihanna’s previous Instagram upload. The singer held an NFL football vertically, only displaying her forearm and tattoos, representing the annual final playoff game, which determines the league champions of the NFL. 

Since Rihanna released her album “Anti” six years ago, she became a household name outside the music industry by producing a skincare cosmetic and clothing brand under her last name Fenty. Although adored for all of her business endeavors, fans never stopped pleading for Rihanna to release another album or any music. Furthermore,  the report of her performance initiated fans to expect a possible release of new music post-Super Bowl performance. 

“I’m very excited, I will say, but in the last few years, she has not been very consistent with her music. So I don’t know if this means we get an album. Or if she’s just there like hey y’all, and then going back to Fenty. My expectations are high for the performance because she just had her baby, and she’s getting into the Fenty business. However, I want to see if she still got that Rihanna pizzaz that we need for 2023,” junior Itoro Okpok said. 

Rihanna still manages to shock fans and herself. The new mother gave birth May 13 after officially announcing the pregnancy with boyfriend A$AP Rocky, who compiled iconic photos displaying the pregnant belly. The relatively private couple rarely mention their relationship in interviews or posts, so sharing their pregnancy with the world surprised fans. 

“I think the announcement of her performance is great. I think it’s just new, and no one expected it. I love Rihanna, and the fact that she hasn’t released music in a long time and managed to have a baby recently is incredible, and I am excited. Hopefully, an album release will come from this performance or be a mix of her old and possibly new music,” Tumi Adetinka said. 

Reports refuse to release the names of the other musicians performing during halftime. However, Rihanna will remain the headliner and the leading performer. NFL fans look forward to Super Bowl LVII and hope to see Rihanna move further in her music career after this performance.