Six Flags Fright Fest spooks visitors


Callie Kinsinger

Throughout the year, Six Flags hosts a multitude of events in relation to various holidays and celebrations. The park features different games and rides for Christmas, the Fourth of July and various other holidays. Families and friends enjoy celebrating their special times of year with an exciting experience to feel the holiday spirit.

Callie Kinsinger, Features Editor

Six flags holds its annual Fright Fest and Boo Fest event, which started September 17 and will carry on through Halloween, October 31. The event takes place during the day and at night to adhere to different ages and likings.

During the day, Boo Fest takes over the park. Halloween-themed events such as a costume contest, trick-or-treat town and spooky arts and crafts cycle occur. These family-friendly activities offer fun to children of younger ages without interfering with the older ages’ experiences.

At five p.m., the park transforms and hosts Fright Fest. Workers set up scare zones with horror decorations, special games and rides as the bulk of Fright Fest. Scarers, or workers that dress up in scary costumes, hide and jumpscare park visitors to feature the Halloween spirit. Five scare zones include various storylines and horrors appear throughout different areas of the park, sure to spook anyone nearby.

“My favorite part had to be the decorations. It was so cool seeing the new things they had in store for parkgoers. I was entertained because as you walk through the park you interact with different monsters and it’s so cool to see their makeup and their setup where they jump out and scare you,” sophomore Antonia Guerrero said.

Haunted houses also appear in the park during Fright Fest. Five separate haunted houses develop, each with a different theme and scare: including clowns, zombies and other scary creatures. With monsters behind every corner, visitors become jumpy and easily scared. Numerous rides also transform into scarier versions by turning the lights off while the attractions continue.

“My favorite cool attraction was definitely the haunted houses that they have set up all around the park. I liked the haunted houses because they weren’t too scary and they all had different themes so you never knew what was going to happen, the thrill of it I guess,” sophomore Makenzie Johnson said.

Although the park transforms into a nightmare, the entertainment remains the same. Monster performances and parties appear throughout the day to keep visitors engaged and amused. Limited events include a disco train and monster time machine, not available at any other time during the year.

Special spooky-themed merch and foods featuring monsters and scary themes sold throughout the Boo Fest and Fright Fest allow visitors to feel true Halloween spirit. This once-a-year horror experience becomes one that people cannot miss.

“I was very entertained the whole time. It definitely keeps you on your toes because you don’t fully know what to expect. It was definitely way more fun with friends, too. It was like walking through an open haunted house. I definitely recommend it and I’m going again this year,” Johnson said.