NC 2022 Homecoming


Callie Kinsinger

NC homecoming became an event for numerous to look forward to. Before the dance, students met to take group pictures and have meals. Popular places to take pictures included downtown Kennesaw and downtown Acworth. Students enjoyed posting looking their best prior to the dance as they felt confident in the way they looked on social media.

Callie Kinsinger, Features Editor

This year’s roaring ’20s-themed homecoming dance took place October 15 after a week’s worth of school spirit. Students arrived at NC at 7 p.m. and partied until 10 p.m. Dancing, singing, and taking pictures set the scene for the night of fun.

To kick off the celebrations, the school participated in spirit week consisting of five dress-up themes. The themes included white lie day, dress up as a frat boy or sorority girl, decades day, pajama day, and jersey day. Students and teachers enjoyed dressing up in out-of-the-ordinary clothes to show their school spirit.

“I liked all the spirit week choices because it was a fun way to express yourself and show your school spirit. It was very exciting running for homecoming court and walking down the field during the pep rally but was definitely scary seeing the whole school looking at me,” sophomore Victor Aguilar said.

The day prior to the dance, NC hosted a pep rally at the end of the school day, pushing the school’s class schedule back slightly. The football game kicked off at 7:30 p.m. with students decked out in various teams’ jerseys to show their pride and the cheerleaders wearing football players’ jerseys. Students celebrated with a 45-14 win against the Wheeler Wildcats, ending an exciting night.

The dance event took place in NC’s courtyard, garnished with ’20s-themed tables, banners and other decorations. These decorations included hints of gold in every area, feathered centerpieces and sparkles on each item. A large tent covered the lit-up dance floor, complete with a DJ and pre-picked songs. The dance featured two photo walls, a gold and silver tassel wall and a black wall with the word “Gatsby” in gold detailing. Appreciated by the students, the school offered drinks and snacks near the cafeteria, which satisfied the teens as tables and couches provided comfort from standing up for long periods of time.

“I loved how energetic everyone was on the dance floor and how that made the night so fun. It was definitely a great experience being on the homecoming court. When I was nominated I was filled with excitement and was so excited for homecoming,” sophomore Amy Futo said.

Upon entering the dance, the school required students to show their school ID and homecoming ticket to avoid any problems and ensure the safety of students and staff. NC also welcomed students from other schools as long as they displayed their permission slips. Staff watched from behind the scenes to make sure all students remained safe and everything moved according to plan. The freshman academy opened its doors to students needing to use the bathroom or remove their shoes for the dance floor and leave them in a safe spot.

Several students dressed up in fancy clothes, supporting both local businesses and popular stores. They dressed in attire according to the theme by putting feathers in their hair, wearing flapper-style dresses and wearing hats, while others wore normal formal wear.

“Homecoming was a lot of fun. A lot of my friends were there and we all had a good time. Afterward, I went to my friend’s house for a bonfire and sleepover. Being on the homecoming court was my favorite part of homecoming. I got so many good pictures with my friends and have so many good memories I’ll keep,” junior Annie Moran said.