NC offers the first Portuguese V class in Georgia


Giovanna Talone

Students prepare themselves to take the first Portuguese V class offered at NC. The class will begin in the spring semester and open doors for those wanting to excel in their knowledge of the language. Portuguese teacher Tatiana Watson plans her lessons for the new course and expresses her excitement as the first Portuguese teacher in Georgia to offer this course.

Giovanna Talone, Sports Editor

Portuguese teacher Tatiana Watson prepares to teach the first Portuguese V class in not only NC but in Georgia, making history. With enough students from her previous classes signing up to take the course, Watson gained eligibility to teach the fifth level. With the majority of the class made up of seniors and Watson existing as the only Portuguese teacher, she will teach the students from their freshman year to graduation. 

“There is no better place than room 728. We have fun in my class while learning and I love teaching these kids. Most of them have been with me since their freshman year and it’s an honor to be able to teach them in their final step of high school. I’m super excited to teach this new course and this is a big step in growing our program here at North Cobb,” Watson said.

Two Portuguese languages exist in the world: a Brazil and Portugal version. Watson teaches Brazilian Portuguese, which originated from Portugal. Portuguese colonizers settled in south Brazil and influenced the language onto African slaves and Natives, eventually mixing their languages with Portuguese to create the dialect spoken in Brazil today. The language consists of phrases and words from other languages such as Slavic, Spanish, Italian, French and English, frequently recognized by several people around the world. Portuguese stands as the ninth top-spoken language in the world and NC remains the only public school in Georgia to offer the language. With NC’s magnet program focused on international studies, the higher level offers additional available credits for magnet and non-magnet students.

Watson, a Brazilian immigrant, began teaching 15 years ago and plans to continue for another 16 years until her retirement. Along with teaching Portuguese up to the fifth level, she teaches Spanish up to the second level. Watson continues to inspire her students and influence them to pursue Portuguese.

“I know the people that are going to be in the class and I have been taking this class with the same kids, so I’m excited to take it with them again. We have a lot of fun in Senhora Watson’s class and we are always singing and dancing together. She’s the teacher everyone can go to and have a conversation with, it’s really nice to have a teacher like that,” senior Lesly Muñoz said.

With Watson’s class existing as a favorite for several students, the eagerness to continue learning from the beloved teacher rises. Students in her lower-level classes share the same excitement as the older students.

The class will potentially become a regularly offered course if a minimum of 10 students sign up for the course. With students choosing to continue their knowledge of the language and influencing their friends to join as well, the course makes history for NC and presents new opportunities in the language department.