Andrew Tate arrested and attacked in jail


Callie Kinsinger on Canva

Andrew Tate gained his platform by speaking on extreme right-wing political views, especially on women’s roles. His content tended to target young men, causing them to change their thoughts on women, particularly in a negative view. The mix of teen and adult males idolize Tate and follow his advice regularly, continuing to underestimate and discriminate against women. However, several supporters of Tate seemingly vanished as a result of his arrest for human trafficking in late December.

Callie Kinsinger, Features editor

Viral influencer Andrew Tate, arrested December 29, supposedly received an attack while in jail January 8. A separate account on Twitter, not owned by Tate but under his name, made a post suggesting either Tate or his brother Tristan Tate went to the hospital after the alleged aggression against them during jail time.

“He does a lot of sketch stuff so this isn’t surprising at all. I think he is already kind of irrelevant and this will push it further in that direction. I don’t think it reflects Romania as a whole any differently than they were already seen because it was already not a great place,” sophomore Jackson Rains said.

The hospitalization occurred after the regulatory prison health checkups. The tweet from the account stated, “The Matrix has attacked me. But they misunderstand, you cannot kill an idea. Hard to Kill,” apparently coming from Tate. Numerous people figured this clarified Tate received the assault rather than his brother.

Tate became popular through his problematic and controversial presence on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. As of now, both social media accounts banned Tate, but his harmful content against people that don’t look like him reaches the community through various accounts posing as him. He also creates youtube videos and appears in a multitude of podcasts where he can speak his negative thoughts.

When initially arrested, both Tate brothers became convicted under the accusation of human trafficking and rape in Romania, since he remained under criminal investigation. The Romanian police found him through a tweet he made in a video response to Greta Thunburg, climate activist, that showed a pizza box with a name from a Romanian pizza place. This showed proof that he appeared in Romania, allowing the police to search for him.

“I think Andrew Tate should have seen this coming because he has said many controversial things, but he will probably find a way out of this arrest. I think this could potentially ruin his career and have a lot more impact on him than it did before,” sophomore Kristy Gonzalez said.

The brothers appealed in court to a judge that changed their arrest time from 24 hours to 30 days. Future updates will release case information as events happen, and the future of the Tate brothers currently remains undetermined.

“I think there will be a lot of people supportive of Tate, no matter what he says or what he does. Because so many people were against him being arrested, it is clear that there will be fans no matter what,” sophomore Nicolas Fusaro said.