Top three Disney movies


Valentina Gonzalez

Disney movies continue to hold a special place in the hearts of multiple age-varying communities, even after the company’s debut from all the way back in 1923. Disney movies notoriously contain important lessons that come across as meaningful to numerous viewers. Consequently, society continues to expect Disney to surpass their expectations in the near future within their films, as it did in the past.

Valentina Gonzalez, Reporter

Hundreds of people spent a vast amount of their childhood admiring multiple Disney movies and shorts. Dating back to its original foundations, Disney stole the hearts of eager viewers after Walt Disney himself sold “Alice’s Wonderland”, a short he created in 1923. Disney became so famous that 56 years after the invention of television, Disney landed its own cable channel and continued to create and televise new movies, shorts and shows. However, there remains a friendly controversy over which Disney movie holds the title of superiority as Disney movies continue to evolve in animation, music and characters.


Released November 24, 2010, “Tangled” takes viewers through the adventure of a lifetime with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider—originally based on the German fairytale by the literary duo, the Brothers Grimm, who wrote the tale of a trapped maiden in a castle meeting a prince who wished to help her escape the tower from an evil sorceress. With an enchanting storyline and mesmerizing characters, “Tangled” steals the heart of multiple viewers with its catchy songs and clever dialogue. Knowing that fear kills dreams rather than failure remains one of the most important takeaways from the movie, making it an especially great lesson for younger viewers.

“‘Tangled’ is one of my most favorite movies of all time. All of the characters are amazing, the storyline is so entrancing. I personally think that the soundtrack of the movie is one of the best in Disney history. ‘Tangled’ just provides such an amazing escape into a world of adventure and taking risks,” sophomore Kristy Gonzalez said.

Monsters, Inc.”

When first released November 2, 2011, “Monsters, Inc.” surpassed expectations by taking the title of one the most cheerful and high-energy animated movies. With its impactful lesson of improvement and change, this movie teaches viewers the importance of recognizing when or when not to follow traditions and when to break social norms and act virtuously. The theme of monster-based characters in the movie also represents the importance of facing fears and recognizing what will end in the right way for oneself. 

Meet the Robinsons

“Meet the Robinsons” represents the extreme importance of family and teaches the lesson of trial and error. Loosely inspired by the book “A Day with Wilbur Robinson” and released March 30, 2007, “Meet the Robinsons” remains an iconic movie that inspires people of multiple ages by representing the motto, “keep moving forward” within each of the characters’ lives. In addition to its amazing score that recently resurfaced on TikTok, the movie started to gain extra attention from people in younger generations.

“I love ‘Meet the Robinsons’ so much. I watched it with my mom and dad when I was about six or seven. The lesson in the movie has always stuck with me and it really inspired me when I first recognized it. The music, characters and visuals are incredible and were very modern when it was released. The movie is definitely in my top five Disney movies list for multiple reasons,” sophomore David Achamaja said.

Since Disney owns more than 5,300 movie titles, others could argue that plenty of different Disney movies belong in the top three spots. Movies like “Hercules” or “Mulan” teach lessons of taking chances for anyone to feel inspired by. However, these three films perfectly encompass lessons a majority of Disney movies come together to prove: staying true to yourself and working hard remain two of the most essential parts of shaping one’s personality.

With the three valuable lessons and amazing storylines represented within them, these movies prove to provide a great time for viewers. Recently passing its 100th anniversary in January, Disney remains special and celebrated by millions of people throughout the world. 

Valentina Gonzalez