Behind the Scenes: Talent show preparation leads to night’s success

December 8, 2014

On Thursday, December 4th, the North Cobb Fine Arts department held their semi-annual talent show. A variety of acts participated, which included singers, dancers, actors, musicians, and even a surprise flash mob. At the end of the night, senior Jessica Sloan and junior Anabel Prince won third place performing an original scene, the Step team won second place, and junior TJ Espino won first with her beatboxing flute performance. Even though drama teacher Mrs. Oz expected a bigger turnout, the experience overall proved successful.

Here’s a look behind the scenes of the work that the performers, host, and director Mrs. Oz completed, all leading up to the final moments pre-show:

5:00 PM: Senior Matt Long takes a well deserved nap before preparing for the show, complete with his own sleeping bag and pillow.

1 matt sleepingAnabel Prince


















5:05 PM: Director Mrs. Oz awaits the crowded show, taking time to herself before the rush of performers shuttle in.

2 OzAnabel Prince











5:10: Freshman Ben Snover receives help with his makeup before performing his original monologue.


3 ben makeupAnabel Prince










5:15: Seniors Danika Shaw, DJ DeBois, Matt Long, Jennifer Delgadillo, sophomore Jordan Warren, and junior Katie Peters prepare for the show as the flash mob dancers practice.

4 practiceAnabel Prince
















5:30 PM: Dancers led by senior McKenzie Brady practice before surprising the audience mid-show with a flash mob performance to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

5 flash mob praticeAnabel Prince

















6:00 PM: Host Matt Long, light and sound technician Tatum Bjerklie, and cinematographer DJ DeBois, all seniors, prepare for the show in the lighting booth.


6 lighting booth gangAnabel Prince

















6:10 PM: Step team captain junior Brittney Pommell works out the technicalities of their intense performance with Mrs. Oz.


7 step team chat w ozAnabel Prince

















6:20 PM: Freshman Ben Snover and sophomore Jordan Warren chat before the show.

8 ben and jordan chatAnabel Prince


















6:30 PM: Performers struggle to perfect their acts, leading to a hectic pre-show environment.

9 hecticAnabel Prince










6:45 PM: Freshman Hope Hutchins practices before singing “Titanium” by Sia in the show.

10 Hope practicesAnabel Prince

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