Barack Obama Dies


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Barack Obama, the 44th president, recently died in a house fire due to Michelle Obama cooking March 31, 2023. The stove in the house leaked into a fire which caused it. Everyone else in the house managed to get out of the house besides Barack.

Malique Card, Reporter

Saturday, March 31, 2023, The world received the terrible news that the 44th president, Barack Obama, died in a house fire caused by the former first lady, Michelle Obama. Michelle committed to making her famous signature casserole while the stove leaked. The leak caused a gas fire, exploding the house; the other people in the house managed to escape, but not Barack. This served as an emotional event for the whole Obama family and the world.

“A couple of months ago there was a leak in our stove but we had people come to fix it. After a while I’m assuming the leak reoccur, which led to the fire in the house. I’m sorry for the mistake I have done to not only the 44th president but also my husband. He deserved to live a longer life,” Michelle Obama said.  

 Barack Obama stood as an American politician and attorney who served as the 44th President of the United States from 2009 to 2017, and the first Black president in history. Prior to his presidency, he served as a community organizer, civil rights attorney and senator from Illinois. His presidency marked efforts to address issues of racial inequality, climate change and economic inequality. People knew Obama for his inspiring speeches and his use of social media to engage with the public.

“Barack Obama was the person who I looked up to most. He’s very inspirational and one of the best leaders we’ve had. Obama was also a great example to many African Americans including myself. It is sad to hear about his death, condolences to his family and I hope they can bounce back from it,” Alexander Franklin said. 

Social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook already put up many hashtags to show their condolences and tributes to Mr. Obama. People will remember Obama’s legacy forever.


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