Behind the Scenes: Tomahawk Today’s co-producer Fadil Ali showers skits with passion


Nneoma Igwedibie

While senior anchor Matt Long and Jack Dimmett perform for their audience on camera, senior producer Fadil Ali faces the responsibility of taking the controls and making the show process run smoothly.

Alicia Bush, Editor-in-Chief

Tomahawk Today’s weekly broadcasts rank among the best school productions in Cobb County. The skits appear delightfully reminiscent of Dan Schneider’s All That television show, the visual quality appeals to viewers, and each anchor possesses a spunky personality and matching voice.

The Broadcast Video Production (BVP) students each contribute to the show’s success, and senior co-producer Fadil Ali represents the thriving staff of videographers. The NC audience caught glimpse of Ali and co-producer Kelsey Davis showcasing a rap during a previous episode. But he prefers contributing creativity behind the scenes.

“He’s extremely motivated to do his best. And he cares for others before he cares for himself,” senior Nick Chea said.

His interest in the BVP course sparked a flame during sophomore year. Midway through second semester, he expressed a desire to join the Tomahawk Today crew. And his dedication has yet to waver. As a producer, he must write and assign scripts, set time limits for videos, design sets, and maintain overall order amongst the staff members. However, Ali’s favorite job is technical directing, which displays his attention to detail: “It’s more than just pressing buttons and touching screens,” Ali assured.

Although Ali finds enjoyment behind the camera, his future career places him in a larger field of wonder. He intends on becoming an Engineering Psychologist, where he will study the science of human behavior and capability. This will allow him to engage in meaningful conversations, research and draw statistics from what he has gathered. He then can create better methods for human use: “My biggest drive is to push and make changes in people’s lives in little and big impacts, primarily to impact them to make changes themselves,” Ali said.

As president of NC’s Engineering, Computer and Technology Sciences Club (eCATS), he also developed a curriculum based upon the competition conferences in the state. With this program of study, he and his peers enhance their knowledge concerning their future career fields: “I appeal to student interests and strengths and channel what they’re best at and give them the hands on experience they need to learn and adapt through whatever competitions they want to,” Ali said.

To accomplish his goals, he plans on attending Georgia Regents University (GRU) to major in Psychology. Upon receiving his Bachelor’s degree, he will make the trek to Georgia Tech for his Master’s degree.

“When he gets passionate about something, he fully thrusts himself in whatever he’s into. I think he has the kind of personality where he can get tons of people together to work on an assigned task for a goal. I will miss him because he’s always willing to go the extra mile,” Ms. Cox, eCATS adviser, said.

Outside of school, he participates in multiple activities. Ali skateboards, plays League of Legends, and hangs with his large group of friends. Catch him either jamming to music or focusing on his hair, which remains neatly parted and combed to the side, giving him a classy and artistic look. When hungry, catch him at the Sky Grille. In the hallways, he can be seen on his iPhone, or alongside his squad.

While living a life of positivity, self-development, and involvement, Ali will surely sit among the most noted world-changers. His passion and sincerity paired with his attention to detail conjures up the perfect recipe for success.