Police Explorers hold banquet showcasing techniques and honoring participants

Police Explorers hold banquet showcasing techniques and honoring participants

The Acworth Police Explorers held their annual banquet to honor and commemorate the Explorers on December 2.

In the beginning of the event, family members and supporters dined, followed by Explorer seniors Jazeri Comstock and Vaughn Bernard introduced the program. Adviser and North Cobb teacher John Reagan spoke first. Reagan also gave CTAE Chairman Cheryl Cox a certificate of appreciation for recognition and support from North Cobb High School regarding the program. Detective Samson administered awards to business that supported the Explorers throughout this year.

After all the awards were passed out, the explorers presented drug awareness presentations to showcase their knowledge of the subject and how to tackle the situation. In the first presentation, Explorer senior Taniesha Palarchie presented methamphetamines and actors of the skit were Explorers Jose Cervantes, senior Zach Wagoner, and Harrison Zempel. The next presentation, which was presented by senior Natalie Prado, was alcohol.  The actors in the skit were Allison Owens and Kyle Bayfield. The last presentation was marijuana, presented by senior Duncan Canady. The actors in the skit were Explorers freshman Alex Birkett, senior Elliot Birkett, and Palarchie. Detective Samson remains extremely proud of his Explorers for presenting their programs well.

Tarleshia Jean-Pierre

The last part of the event consisted of promotions and awards. Several awards were presented: the Tenure Award, Law Enforcement Training award, Perfect Attendance Award, Fitness Award, Marksmanship Award, and Explorer of the Year award.

Palarchie, Wagoner, and Bayfield received the Tenure Award. They received the award for participating for over a year. Comstock, Prado, Bayfield, and Cervantes received the Law Enforcement Award, which celebrates explorers who participated in several law enforcement training and scenarios. Both the Perfect Attendance and Explorer of the Year awards were presented to Palarchie, the only recipient.

The fitness award celebrates explorers who display exemplary fitness in the 1.5 mile run, push ups, sit ups, and pull ups. Wagoner, Elliot Birkett, Simon, Comstock, Prado and Palarchie received the award.

“It was a great success. I appreciate the support of the community, school, and police department,” Reagan said.