From stage to silver screen


Alex O'Brien

Long-time musical fans senior Kayley Rapp and sophomore Kat Shambaugh feel excited towards the idea of their favorite musicals becoming feature films.

Alex O'Brien, Reporter, Photographer

Musicals have been an art form cherished by lovers of Broadway, so it’s no surprise that movies based off shows and plays have become an instant hit.

“I believe that if the right director and the right cast is in the show, then it will be magical. But if they mess it up and they cast the wrong people and use the wrong director that doesn’t know what they’re doing, it will be horrible,” senior McKenzie Braddy said.

The most recent Broadway show to hit the big screen, Into the Woods, pleased fans of all ages and gave old fans a blast from their high school days when they acted in this entrancing musical. The producers of the movie made sure to adhere to the songs and lines of the musical in order to please the critical fans who have developed a strong enamoration for the play.

Recently, more musicals have been slated to become movies, such as the popular production, Wicked. As a Broadway show, it sold out nearly every time tickets hit the box office, so it only seems logical for people to want it to become a movie.  The director of Into The Woods, Rob Marshall will also direct Wicked, satisfying die-hard fans because of Marshall’s success in directing the first musical.

“If Wicked became a movie I would feel they need seasoned actors and Broadway actresses to play the characters to expertly pull off the complex plot,” junior Ashley Ford said.

Movies also have potential of turning into Broadway shows. For example, the popular film Legally Blonde converted into a comedy musical after proving to be a colossal hit with audiences. Also, the Disney classic, The Lion King was recently converted into a musical, bringing a nostalgic joy into every fan’s heart.

“In my opinion, I am wicked excited for all of these musicals to come to life in the movies,” junior Adrian Vivona said.

As the demand for the conversion of musicals to movies increases, fans wait in anticipation for their beloved characters to take the jump to the silver screen.  Directors and actors continue to please movie-goers and these popular Broadway shows turned movies give die-hard thespians something to look forward to.