Clueless about prom? These FAQs will give you the 411 on NC’s biggest night


Sophia Mackey

All the basics to having the best night ever.

Welcome! Strap on your heels, tighten your ties and prepare to learn about all aspects prom! Here I will answer all questions ranging from where to purchase your beautiful gown to what happens if someone wears the same getup as you. Let’s get started!

  • What should I wear to prom? Dresses? Khakis? Tuxedos? Sweatpants? Denim dress?

— Prom is a black tie affair. So please wear a dress, suit, tuxedo, or anything formal. If you go to prom wearing sweatpants or khakis you will be denied entry. It will be super sad and you will have to go home in your sad little non-formal outfit with no prom memories.

  • Do you have to have a prom date or can you just go in group of friends?
Where can I get a cute dress for the least amount of cash?
Sophia Mackey
Where can I get a cute dress for the least amount of cash?

— You can absolutely go in a group of friends. Going to prom becomes a long and boring experience if you are not in the right group. So make sure to plan this out beforehand because you do not want to end up in a group full of people you hate. Sometimes going with with your friends is more exciting than going with a date anyway.

  • Where is a decent place to take photos before prom?

— People take pictures everywhere, but most people prefer a picturesque background for their photos. Who wants a picture with the neighbor’s trash cans in the background of their photos? Some local places that NC students could use for their photos are Acworth Beach, downtown Kennesaw and Acworth, or neighborhood gazebos (Legacy Park has plenty). Even posing in your front yard will work too. Everything depends on your standards.

  • Where is a good place to go out to eat before prom? Do you have to go out to eat?

— Usually after taking a hundred photos of you and your prom party, going out to eat is the next step. It remains a fun tradition that never grows old because who does not want to sit down and just chill at some restaurant with some delicious food? Some yummy local restaurants you can go to are Fusco’s Via Roma, The Cheesecake Factory, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Fish Thyme Restaurant & Bar, Marietta Diner, Henry’s Louisiana Grill, Capo’s NY Pizza & Italian Ristorante, and Lulu’s Firewater Grill. If none of these restaurants suit you, just hit up a McDonald’s or Applebee’s.  However, you are not required to patron a restaurant! Eat before the big dance at your house if it pleases you (plus, it’s totally budget friendly).

  • If you are a girl, can you ask a guy to prom, or does the guy have to ask you?

— I say ask him! What are you waiting for? Take charge! If you wait too long, you may end up going to prom with your cousin…

What in the world is a corsage and why do I need one?
Sophia Mackey
What in the world is a corsage and why do I need one?
  • What should my group do for transportation to and from prom?

— To limo or not to limo? That is the big question. If you have the money to rent a limo, then I say you should definitely do it! However, limos are expensive, so it is not necessary. Simply drive yourself to and from prom in your own car or have people in your group drive! Going to prom in a limo can be fun but remains unnecessary.

  • What if you get to prom and someone has the same dress or tuxedo as you?

— Wear it better. Confidence is key.

  • What exactly is a corsage and boutonniere???!!

— Basically, a corsage is a small bouquet that is typically worn on a girl’s wrist. A boutonniere is the same but worn on a boy’s pocket. Usually, if you have a date, you will exchange these before the occasion. It is a cute, simple, sweet traditional gesture.

  • Do you have to buy your date’s ticket?

— It really depends on the situation. For example, if you are taking someone to prom who is a freshman or a sophomore, then yes. But if your date was going to go whether or not you asked them and is completely capable of buying their own ticket, they should purchase their own. Prom tickets are expensive. Just be considerate.

  • What are the rules regarding pets at prom??

— Okay, we all know I would love to parade my dog into prom with a bow tie collar and some flowers around his neck, but sadly, that is not acceptable. Bringing your dogs, cats, turtles, lizards, and snakes to prom probably will not get you past the front door. Sorry Air Bud, you gotta stay at home.

  • Where can I get an awesome dress for a reasonable price?

— Finding a cheap prom dress can be really tricky. It is possible, but you have to be smart, quick, and flexible. Most dresses range from $200-$400 and a lot of people do not want to spend that much on a dress they will probably wear only once. So some alternative routes for people like me are to go to thrift stores (you may find a gem in a pile of hideous dresses), look on the clearance rack at prom dress stores, or look online for your perfectly priced dress.

So now that you know where to buy your jaw dropping gown, where to stuff your face before prom, and what that weird flower thing on your wrist is, you are set! Congratulations on becoming a prom expert. Now enjoy a prom night that will you will remember for a lifetime.

Do I really need a limo?
Sophia Mackey
Do I really need a limo?