Newsies makes final run on Broadway tour at Atlanta’s Fabulous Fox Theatre

Alex O'Brien, Photographer, Videographer

During its final run, the popular Broadway show, Newsies made one last stop by the Fox Theater in downtown Atlanta in January.

“It was really good, the choreography was really great and the storyline was very inspiring. Dan Deluca was fabulous and he was very talented at singing and had really good emotion in his voice and good body language,” said senior Jessica Sloan.

Fans from all over Atlanta arrived at The Fox to see the long anticipated show before it leaves Broadway. Before taking their seats, people were given the choice of any of the Newsies merchandise, if they were brave enough to face the long lines and giant crowds.

To kick off the night, the cast sang the slow song “Santa Fe”, but then immediately jumped into the fast paced “Carrying the Banner” to set the fun mood of the musical. With pounding hearts, die hard fans clung on to every note and every jump throughout the entire first act. The set also entranced the viewers by way of its amazing structure and ability to transform itself to fit an entirely new scene.

The lead of Jack Kelly was played by Dan DeLuca, the headliner for the tour’s production. DeLuca portrayed his character fantastically and caused every Jack Kelly fangirl to fall even more in love with his character. Supporting characters and dancers added to the life of the performance and gave the audience chill as they watch the entrancing song and dance numbers.

“I really loved it. I think the cast did a fantastic job, and I’m really glad they added Crutchie’s song in there,” said junior Jenna Goltry.

The addition of a brand new song, exclusively for the traveling cast gave fans a delightful treat for the goodbye tour. Fans say goodbye to the beloved musical, and hope that it will enter Broadway’s stage again soon.