The Survival Guide: Spending Valentine’s Day solo

Don't feel

Judy Stubblefield

Don't feel "forever alone" with this guide to surviving the day of couple love.

Judy Stubblefield, Photo Editor-in-Chief

Valentine’s Day seems highly un-favored by us singles. Its automatic discrimination leaves us hanging as it celebrates shared love between couples. Tomorrow, celebrate your singlehood. Your Valentine’s Day does not have feel excruciatingly horrible this year. With this survival guide, I promise, you will make it out alive.

Forget it is Valentine’s Day

February 14 is Valentine’s Day no more. Face it, you cannot wallow over a day that does not exist. You have been getting along just fine so why let a silly title mess up your groove? Parting from reality may be necessary depending on the condition of your love life. Bearing a fresh heartache on Valentine’s Day can easily revert all of your earned progress, so simply banish it out of existence. Avoid social media on this day. It will inevitably emphasize what you are trying to forget. Let the happy couples with their cheesy photos rule the Twittersphere this time.

Be Your Own Valentine

Do not confuse this with buying yourself  flowers and chocolate. Make this day about you. Occupy yourself with what you love doing. Play football with the guys, pamper yourself with a mani-pedi, read a book, or watch a movie. Whatever it is, it should be about you. You deserve it.

Try Something New

Oftentimes, the root of  Valentine’s Day woes stem from the past. Set off into the future by introducing yourself to something new. What better way of disbanding from you past than doing it on Valentine’s Day?

Don’t Self Pity

Denouncing your single status conceals the benefits of being alone. Relish in your independence and vow to not shed a single tear or think a single reminiscent thought. If you can keep this vow unbroken, even for this day alone, you stand stronger than before. There is much to be grateful for so enjoy life on February 14.  You are not obliged to spend copious amounts of money on another human being and that, in itself, should lift your spirits.

Look at Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to love yourself. Accept being single; there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Consider the suggested tips to remedy your troubles with February 14 and you will survive and thrive.