#theStruggle: Snow day recovery still difficult? Try these tips and tricks


Fatima Elfakahany

Chemistry and ASR teacher Mrs. Tippens struggles to fix her class schedules and still keep on top of grading her classes’ work. “I’m just trying to get caught up but it seems like it’s hard to cover everything now. There’s no time since the snow days have happened and sometimes it’s difficult to decide what’s important and what’s important,” she said.

Cobb County made the decision to cancel school for three days. County officials found approximately two inches of snow in Acworth, deeming road conditions unsafe for travel. While students enjoyed their time staying home and binge-watching Netflix, a few unfortunate repercussions accompanied these snow days.

According to NC students, more snow days often translates to more homework. Some students were asked to submit work online from their home computers by their teachers, especially honors and AP coursework.

“I still have a lot of class work to do for AP Computer Science. Also, we got behind in AP Macroeconomics, so we had to work from home. There’s a lot of self-studying involved,” senior Shelby Husband said.

Not only did the snow days cause a whirlwind of busy work, but they also led to students forgetting the material they learned before the “break.” Furthermore, they took a toll on students’ motivation to complete assignments.

“World Lit is a struggle. We’re doing a final project in that class, and it’s melting away like the snow,” sophomore Detriana Edwards said.

Additionally, the snow days created an abundance of issues for teachers, mostly associated with planning.

“I’ve had to redo the semester plans for the AP exam. A lot of people forgot the material before the break,” Mrs. Ryan, AP Physics and AP Calculus teacher, said.

While the snow days appeared as a relaxation and entertainment period, faculty members and students must attempt to adjust themselves to the plethora of work, lack of concentration, and jumbled sleep patterns. To get back into the groove of a normal, 5-day school week, try these tips:

Sophia Mapua's tips and tricks should help recover that pre-snow day glory of academic success.
Sophia Mapua
Sophia Mapua’s tips and tricks should help recover that pre-snow day glory of academic success.