Spring Into Education 5k aims to fund Awtrey’s STEM projects

Judy Stubblefield, Photo Editor-in-Chief

On Saturday, March 7,  the Kennesaw Big Shanty Foundation and Awtrey Middle School hosted its first annual Spring Into Education 5k at North Cobb.

10wJudy Stubblefield




North Cobb’s band amps up excitement for the runners.

At 7:30 the runners, age ranging from as young six to as old as 66, began their trek, encircling the school.

“Proceeds generated from the race will be reinvested back into each of the schools equally with the goal of funding various programs and projects such as STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) initiatives that would better equip our students as they face the challenges of the future,” representatives from Awtrey Middle School said.



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Twenty minutes into the race, number 4990, Lea Roy, endeavors the exhaustion of the race.







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Parents and supporters cheer racers on at the finish line.







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Ironically, Kennesaw businesses brought several guilty pleasures to the race unintentionally tempting the athletes. Cookies, pizza, coffee, and muffins lined the finish line and start. A few of the race’s youngest runners explore one of the many indulgences.






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After the race, a Kennesaw TaeKwonDo performance team showcased their routine to participants and supporters of the 5k.







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Twenty-three year old Ryan Burruss won the 5k, finishing the race with the time 18:29, averaging 5:57 per mile. He, unfortunately,  left the race before the award ceremony. Pictured here is second place winner of the women’s division, Felicia Berenger, bearing a finishing time of  25:37 and a mile average of 8:15.






6wJudy Stubblefield

Nine year old James Roe finishes the race in 31:02, averaging 09:59 per mile.







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Packing up the race, coordinators and organizers look forward to next year’s race.