Slacker’s checkup: what to do when you don’t do anything


A.J. Hairston

Though summer and senior graduation are rapidly approaching, students must maintain their motivation and get work done.

Alicia Bush, News Editor-in-chief

Towards the middle of each semester, students lose motivation and begin the infamous slacking period. Along with work quality, grade point averages catapult and classroom involvement decreases. Regardless of our emotions, we must find inspiration to finish strong. With the following tips, students can rediscover their high school purpose and complete the semester with bursting positivity.

If the first time sucks, so does the second time. Imagine this scenario: After miserably failing an important math test, the teacher graces John with a retake opportunity. Unfortunately, the failing grade derives from his poor study habits. Now his current schedule collides with his priority to prepare for the upcoming test. Stressful, right?

To avoid situations like John’s, produce exemplary work the first time and avoid unnecessary redos. Sure, completing the work feels miserable at first, but deeper matters surface when you run from it. Remember, completion always trumps delayal.

Mediocrity usually ends in disappointment. Every student submits less-than-exceptional work sometimes, and no, this does not lower the individual’s intelligence or value. Disappointment however arises after someone intentionally slacks off, knowing their capabilities. Make a habit of producing work that reflects your gifts and talents. It represents your brand.

You cannot just win. You must prepare to win. During the slacking period, students often fast forward their lives, thinking “I’m so done with high school. I can’t wait to start my fulfilling career and my fantastic lifestyle.” Success begins with the present. Everyday at school prepares you for another level of success. Never overlook even the smallest help.

Think about your parents and teachers. Your parents and teachers stand as important figures in your life. Their lives and careers revolve around helping you succeed. Do not allow their work to return to them void.

You are not done quite yet. From the freshmen awaiting summer vacation to the seniors awaiting graduation, just remember that duty calls. You still have work to complete and responsibilities to uphold. Plus, the triumph feels much sweeter when hard work helped you arrive.