Friday Night (Alternative) Lights: Marietta Square offers eats and treats [photo essay]

August 31, 2015

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Full of shops within walking distance from each other, the Square makes cars unnecessary and trips between stores quick.







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Even the small, hidden alleyways hold a certain Hallmark feel.









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The Square stands as a perfect place for the whole family, both conventional and unconventional.







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Containing a bustling atmosphere with tables full and servers weaving in and out, the Marietta Pizza Company attracts many customers.  







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Marietta Pizza Company not only offers the classic pizza that draws customers back, but also serves appetizers that leave customers’ mouths watering and their stomachs full.







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The stores display aesthetically pleasing signs, compelling people to wander in and enjoy the store.








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Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar sells pastel colored macaroons, that makes customers feel their meal came from a cartoon.







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Customers enjoy boba tea while sitting outside, taking in the sights.









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Local teenagers, Bonga Maswanganye and Michael Cowles, find themselves drawn to the church’s interesting architecture and skating places.










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Bethel Mamo
Cowles’ friends look on as he attempts to make a jump over the stairs leading down to more space the church offers.






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The skaters discuss where they should go next, as the sweltering heat pushes them to seek out shade.







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As night falls, Marietta Square looks so enchanting it almost feels like something out of a book.







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Watching the sky mimic the feel of the Square on the drive home is a perfect end to any night, making drivers nostalgic for something experienced not more than 30 minutes prior.  



Chant reporter Allison Hahn made this ideal playlist to use while exploring downtown Marietta Square: 

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    Allison HahnSep 1, 2015 at 1:35 PM

    Bethel, you’re amazing with pictures. You can capture the feel of such a casual place for people to hang out and turn it into something that people always attempt to describe, love you!