Atlanta’s Fall Fest showcases the city’s best artists

Avery Rice, Photographer

1.Avery Rice




The totem pole stood tall in Candler Park’s center, marking the area’s 15th annual Fall Fest. This year, it featured local Atlanta artists, vendors and musicians. The grounds held a miniature amusement park, a large stage, food trucks and shopping, all easily found with a quick glance at the towering Fall Fest pole.




Avery Rice

The dainty and fashionable jewelry attracted heaps of teenage girls. Crafts and Love’s booth displayed several popular pieces from this year’s most recent collections. Customer Natalie Fare explains “Crafts and Love was the only reason I came to the festival! I love their necklaces, I can wear them with everything.”



3.Avery Rice
One typically purchases Culture Butter’s products on Etsy, an online store for handmade goods, but this year’s artist market displays several animal print shirts and kitchen towels. Culture Butter vendor Abby states, “We often go unnoticed, so it is really exciting to be showing what we have to offer.”



4.Rob Simons showcases several photographs and prints in his small white tent. The art displayed incorporated Rob’s most impressive photos. The series contained prints from several cities that he captured before, including Atlanta and Chicago. Rob Simons became a Fall Fest regular and intends on returning next year.



5.Over 15,000 hungry attendees demanded food as they stormed the event this year. 19 different vendors parked their trucks on the lawn’s edge, ready to serve. The Pickle Food Truck prepared everything from Crab Cake Sandwiches to Black Bean Quesadillas. These southern delicacies attracted people to the food truck lines. Other vendors included The Fry Guy, Mixed Up, King of Pops and Hot and Tasty.


6.Hand holding stood as a popular trend during Fall Fest this year. Families and couples filled the muddy grounds. Though the rain disheartened some, it never stopped the crowds from enjoying Candler Park’s most famous event.    





7.Webster’s five man band performed Sunday, October 4. The show included all categories of music, from bluegrass and country to reggae and R&B. Families and fans crowded around the stage, dancing to their immense music style.





8.Algie’s Vintage Birdhouses showcased what seemed like two hundred unique bird houses. Vendor Ed explains, “These are wonderful gifts for people of all ages.” Evidently so, as children, parents and grandparents continued to stop and admire Algie’s tent.