What to expect from Marietta’s Blue Devils


Danielle Osakwe

Michael predicts how the Warriors will fare against the other time under the Friday night lights.

Michael Smith, Photographer, Reporter

NC prepares to host the Marietta Blue Devils high school for homecoming night. If NC wins its final three games against Marietta, North Paulding, and Kennesaw Mountain, the Warriors host its first round playoff game and place second in the region. Last season, NC dominated Marietta 41-21 in a game it excelled on the ground.  

NC begins a tailgate outside the stadium at 4:00, leading up to a game that the school expects to cap off a great homecoming week and lead into the homecoming dance on Saturday. The stadium will fill early and quickly, with hundreds of excited seniors hoping to enjoy a win in the final homecoming game of their high school career. Expect plenty of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm during the game’s opening kickoff and a game that, if NC dominates early, could turn into a one sided blowout very quickly.

On offense, Marietta will look to move the ball through 6’4”, 210 pound sophomore quarterback transfer Malachi Diggs. Diggs played for NC his freshman year, but, after spending the end of the 2014 season slowly transitioning his talents to receiver, Diggs decided his abilities situated the quarterback position better, and transferred to Marietta. Diggs runs well, behind his big body and long speed in the open field. And although not the most accurate passer, Diggs carries a big arm and a long release.  

The offense takes advantage of Diggs size and speed in the running game, often using options, sweeps, counters, and deep throws off of play action. The offense uses both four and five wide formations, relying on simple and short throws, screens, and sweeps for quick runners to get outside and past a small offensive line.  

Marietta's defense tries to rely on a 3-4 set with zone coverage against NC this Friday.
Michael Smith
Marietta’s defense tries to rely on a 3-4 set with zone coverage against NC this Friday.

The defense plays with three down linemen and four linebackers, aligning the three “stack” linebackers directly behind the linemen. They stand cover three, with a safety in the middle of the field and two corners responsible for deep throws between the hashmarks and the sideline. Expect decent amounts of blitzing, but nothing extraordinarily exotic or complex. NC will look to run the ball and dominate inside as they did last season, but also expect plenty of completions for quarterback Will Lovett and a great receiving corps.  

All told, NC students and fans should expect a fun, explosive homecoming game heading into a bye week in NC’s fourth region game.  

The Chant’s prediction: North Cobb: 44. Marietta: 17.