Kennesaw Youth Council hosts NC jacket drive


Kat Shambaugh

Until November 11, Kennesaw Youth Council will collect jackets from NC students.

Kat Shambaugh, Features editor

Starting October 28, the Kennesaw Youth Council plans to collect jackets from NC students as a part of their annual charity support for MUST Ministries. Classrooms will collect jackets in first period throughout the school, and the class with the most jackets before November 11 wins cookies.

Sophomore and Kennesaw Youth Council member Abby Jeske explained the purpose of the drive: “This drive is a way to help the people in need have something warm to wear in the winter.”

MUST Ministries, a volunteer-driven organization serving the Cobb and Cherokee County area, represents just one pillar of the community. Through volunteer opportunities, canned food drives, clothing drives, toy drives, and more, MUST provides hot meals, housing, employment services, clothing, toys, and summer lunches to local adults and kids.

“Whether it’s clothing for an interview or for a child to go to school, the four MUST-wear clothes closets meet an important basic need,” President and CEO of the organization Rev. Dr. Dwight “Ike” Reighard said. “If someone needs a warm coat, work pants, new underwear or a pair of shoes, generous community members have donated those items and more.”

The Kennesaw Youth Council, created in 2002 to improve teen involvement in the city, consists of eight high school students who advise the mayor and city council on the perspective of teens. As a part of their last bimonthly meeting, the council decided to contribute to MUST ministries in the local school system.

NC’s Kennesaw Youth Council sponsor Deborah Tummins explained the push for a drive: “[The Youth Council] models the city government experience of the elected city council representatives and giving back to the community is part of that.”

The Kennesaw Youth Council’s push for jackets reflects their will to exceed expectations through public service. Bring in gently-used jackets to first period until November 11 to support MUST Ministries and the community this upcoming winter.