Addams Family auditions loom soon


Alex O'Brien

The board in the chorus room details the songs students will need to sing to audition for a part in the musical. “They need to go online and look up the musical so they can get a whole list of all the songs and if they want a main character they need to look up their solo pieces in the musical and really focus on those, but if they want to be just in the ensemble, they still have to sing, so they have to listen to the ensemble pieces of the soundtrack,” said Ms. Botella.

Alex O'Brien, Photo editor

As the time for the annual spring musical draws near, theater students gear up with their best monologues and singing voices to audition for their dream roles.

This year’s production, The Addams Family Musical, offers the audience a story about a now 18 year old Wednesday Addams and how she falls in love with a boy named Lucas Beineke. The story centralizes around Wednesday and Gomez Addams and Lucas trying to hide the couple’s engagement from their two vastly different families. However, the night takes a surprising turn when Alice Beineke, Lucas’s mother, has an outburst at dinner and secrets about the characters  reveal.

“It’s one of those things where you have to be confident. There will be a lot of people there and the most popular roles are Wednesday, Pugsley, and Gomez so people trying out for those roles should come prepared,” drama teacher Candace Corcoran said.

Auditions for the musical take place on December 14 and 16, with those wishing to get a role are required to attend on both days. To try out for a role, Corcoran recommends each student comes prepared with a one to two minute monologue of their choice, a solo song sung by the desired character, and their “A game.” If a student receives a role, they must be available for rehearsals every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00 after school and the later rehearsals closer to the show dates. Also, students must learn a dance and perform it in front of both Corcoran and music teacher Holly Botella, so they can asses dancing abilities.

“I feel excited because it is such a big production that there is going to be a whole lot of crazy stuff going on in it and it’s just going to be awesome,” sophomore Ben Snover said.

Many wait eagerly to audition for the musical as auditions approach, so those wishing to participate should prepare for friendly competition.