Dabbing: a blip or a staple on pop culture’s radar?


Nabila Pranto

Ultimately, one can “dab” to any song or no song. Sophomore Stephanie Garcia explains “ ‘I Want’ by Madeintyo is probably best song to dab to.”

Riley O'Neill, Reporter

To achieve relevance in pop culture history, a decade must associate itself with an iconic dance move. Undoubtedly the whip and nae nae will exist indefinitely as symbols of the 2010’s, but the latest dance craze may eclipse their pop culture fame. Could dabbing, a suddenly omnipresent dance style, evolve into disco for the “Drake generation?”

For individuals intending to learn the dance, junior Michael Johnson describes dabbing as: “putting your forearm up to your face.”  

A seemingly simple move, viewers often describe dabbing as similar to sneezing into one’s elbow. Once dancers learn this basic move, they elaborate with various fist pumps and arm crossovers to develop unique, intricate styles.

Stefanie Garcia, a sophomore dabbing aficionado, believes the dance achieved popularity because “it’s so easy and it goes to a lot of songs.”

While “hip” people currently love hitting the dab, has anyone considered its place in pop culture history? The disco evolved into a goofy way to memorialize the 1970’s and dabbing could potentially obtain similar iconic status for the 2010’s decade.

Garcia predicts teens of the 2010’s will “look kind of dumb” if the move defines their era to future generations.

Although high schoolers in 2030 may consider their parents’ sneeze-like dancing lame, the move currently achieves undeniable popularity. NC suffers from an especially severe case of dabbing fever, as evidenced by the dance’s appearances at Homecoming and in frequent parking lot jam sessions after school.


Despite dabbing’s relatively low complexity, people butcher the move through common mistakes. Johnson describes the gravest dabbing faux paux as “turning [one’s] head the wrong way.”

Whether a beginner or self-proclaimed dab-master, viewers will enjoy this compilation of NC’s finest dabbers showing off their refined danc