Warriors drown Golden Bears in rainy, one-score match


Caroline Long

During half time, Coach Anania gave a hype pep talk making the Warrior fight through the obstacles present that night.”

Caroline Long, Reporter

On Monday night, February 22, The Holy Innocents Golden Bears came to NC, and the Warriors fought hard in an intense, almost silent game. In the end, NC defeated the Golden Bears 1-0 with junior Michael Vollbracht scoring the lone goal.

“We have so much talent on the North Cobb team that gives us so many opportunities this season, but we definitely need to work a bit more on having chemistry as a team and as one unit,” junior Edgar Patino said. “Over all we have some amazing people on the team this year.”

The NC soccer team played well, relentlessly attacking the goal and refusing to let the Holy Innocents get close to scoring.

NC takes pride in its soccer team, and even though it must fix its chemistry chemistry, last night’s game earned us another win.

“We didn’t play well, but we still grinded out a win,” Sophomore Jayden Bourne.