NC Varsity curling team set to premiere winter 2016


Alex O'Brien

Curling team sets up for match of the year.

Emmett Schindler, News editor

Finally, after 62 years, NC will add a curling team to the diverse set of sports they provide. After numerous letters and complaints to the principal, the school board finally gave in and now look to complete the team of skilled curlers before winter 2016.

As the first and only school to have curling as a competitive sport, competitors will be hard to find, but the search is on. Luckily, previous Ottawa resident and pro curler, Thomas Tremblay, decided to take his talents to NC and coach the curling team, while teaching AP Canadian History during school hours.

Warrior fans seem thrilled with the new season and addition of NC Varsity curling.
Alex O’Brien
Warrior fans seem thrilled with the new season and addition of NC Varsity curling.

“This will be my first time coaching a curling team, after playing for the Ottawa Oxes. I think there’s lots of potential here at the Cobb of North, and can’t wait to spread the teachings of APCH. Even if a team does get in our way, the…  wait what’s the mascot? The Warriors? Yes! The Warriors will take it all the way to the cup, eh?” Tremblay said.

Students quickly and actively began to show their appreciation for the new addition. NC has seen the most Canadian students enroll in history, the basics of curling classes now take place before and after school, and taking their lunch periods to study Olympic curling tapes. Drama teacher and Canadian Candace Corcoran, otherwise known as “Oz,” shows her excitement by hanging up her curling posters which were secretly kept hidden for years because of her fear of being laughed at.

“I never knew this day would come. After years of thinking I could never express my inner curling love; I can finally show my support. If I do not get to be the assistant coach behind Tremblay, I will be at every single game with all my curling gear, just in case they need a backup,” Oz said.

The controversy of where to play continues to cause widespread panic. As multiple ice rinks in Cobb county refuse to allow any curling activity inside, discussions of building NC’s own ice rink is up and going. Where this ice rink would go? Ask NC building adviser, Chuck.

“An ice rink would be a very difficult task for my team, but we’ve been through a lot. Ever since we had to get rid of the pool, work has been kinda slow, so this is huge for us. But there’s an obvious answer of where it would go. Right on top of the deal building,” he said.

Juniors Hank Hemingway and Daniel Kraus encourage any and all students to come to tryouts next Wednesday. They plan to hold tryouts on a slip n’ slide, since no ice rinks seem willing to cooperate.

Warrior Nation needs their fans now more than ever. Season passes for sale in Admin 1.

April Fool’s, you fool!

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