NC changes mascot from Warrior to an actual orange

Graciela Soldatenko, Photographer

For the last 58 years, NC hasbeen represented through a Native American mascot, The Warrior. Recently, Principal Bucky Horton puts an end to the widely held belief that the Warrior mascot offends the community, unveiling a new mascot: an actual orange.

On April 2, 2016 all depictions of the previous mascot will be painted over and replaced with “The Warrior Orange,” an orange with a spear and tomahawk in hand to represent the school’s news team, and to more accurately embody NC’s slogans, “We Are Orange”and “Fear The Spear.” The end of the Native American Warrior causes controversy among students. Will NC be able to accept that a fruit will be representing their school?

“This mascot is definitely better,” junior Tiara Sawyer said. “I love oranges, I love the taste, the smell, the color! I’m so excited to see it rolling on the field at the next football game!”

Although many feel thrilled that NC no longer will appropriate Native American culture, some are completely against the idea of a giant orange running around the school campus, claiming that the orange is “lame” and “childish.”

“I have esperidoeidiphobia, which is the phobia of citrus fruit. How am I supposed to support a school when every time I see the mascot I nearly faint?” Junior Ayjah Laguardia said.

Among those students who disapprove is Sabrina Kinslow, who claims that “Oranges are stupid” and that “The mascot should be a carrot instead because they are better for your health.”

Today many students can be seen saying their last goodbye’s to their beloved mascot as they wait in anticipation to see the brand new mascot cover the school walls after break.

April fool’s, you fool!

XOXO, The Chant