Warrior Wednesday set in stone for 2016-17 school year


Kat Shambaugh

A student looks over the possible choices for next year’s Warrior Wednesday program and picks out the most interesting courses, helping to influence the classes offered for next year.

Following the plans to include an enrichment period in NC’s schedule this semester, administration pushed back the program to next year on Wednesday, May 4 because of the unveiling of the Cobb Teaching and Learning System (CTLS).

The program, previously called “Spearhead” but recently changed to “Warrior Wednesday,” motions for a 45 minute additional period between first and second period every Wednesday to allow students to participate in new classes or tutoring sessions for their current schedule. New curriculum proposed for the program includes “Harry Potter Connections,” “Musical Theatre,” “SAT/ACT Prep,” and more.

“Many North Cobb students cannot participate in before or after school activities because of transportation issues, other obligations, or participate in sports. Warrior Wednesdays are an opportunity to do something students would not normally have time for in their schedule or to receive help in a course during the school day,” NC’s broadcast journalism team Tomahawk Today said in a video that aired explaining the choices students will have.

Administration originally meant to roll out the program during the current semester until the county chose NC as a pilot school for CTLS, a data-based program for assessments and educational data.

“North Cobb was one of two pilot schools in the county to roll out the CTLS which is proprietary software where they put test questions into a database and it allows for students to receive assessments and quantifies data. Because of that, we didn’t want to put one more thing on the teacher’s plates so we decided to wait until next semester,” Assistant Principal Stephen Revard said.

Student response to the official announcement of the program varied from excited to wary.

“I feel like the concept is more idealistic than the actual process. I feel like it’s interesting, just not something that should be forced on students,” junior Jacob Jones said.

Other students look forward to the chance for enrichment.

“Warrior Wednesday is a good idea because people who live far away or don’t have transportation can finally be involved in extracurriculars that are needed to succeed in college. I’m actually really looking forward to the full orchestra class because our current orchestra doesn’t usually have time to play with the band,” junior Audrey Widmier said.

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