National Honor Society starts year of charity


Courtesy of Nena Tippens

National Honor Society members celebrate finishing the March of Dimes.

Rebecca Cantrell, Reporter

National Honor Society (NHS) held its first meeting of the school year on Friday, August 12 in the media center.

Board members and seniors Samuel Vang, Eunice Ngata, Shelby Singleton, Rebecca Cantrell, Christina Lu, Andrew Gasparini, Marie Ow, Erin Belmar, Celina Cotton, and Kesha Perkins conducted the meeting and discussed upcoming events, such as the annual potluck at Swift-Cantrell Park on August 31 and recycling groups for the year.  The newly elected officers promised an enjoyable time filled with food, games, and community service.

“I think [the meeting] went well. The potluck sounds fun,” senior Sarah Baker said. NHS, sponsored by Jennifer Johnson, Ileana Padron, and Nena Tippens, focuses on giving back to  Acworth and Kennesaw communities while promoting the four characteristics of an NHS member: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Members participate in at least one community service project a month and must uphold a 3.9 weighted GPA to stay involved in the organization.

For their first event, all 93 members will bring $5 worth of school supplies for the Calvary Children’s Home, an organization that assists children removed from their parents’ care. In exchange, they will receive a NHS t-shirt.

“It’s a good opportunity to do community service and participate in my community. It’s the reason I joined,” senior Alison Adams said.

NHS also focuses on student success and prepares them for the college application process.

“One of the biggest things with NHS is that because it’s only for seniors, we want it to be a special group to help out seniors with scholarship opportunities, try to help [seniors] with applications to college, and recommendations,” Tippens said.

NHS will continue to meet on the first Friday of the month in the NC media center at 7:30 a. m. and to contribute to multiple charities throughout the year.