What are you doing for Fall Break?


Mackenzie Union

“The leaves are a changin”

Denise Thomas, Reporter

The first half of the semester comes to a close with a fall break lasting from Saturday, September 24 to Monday, October 3. Whether vacationing at the beach, in the mountains, or going on college tours, Warriors enjoy the time off.

Academics may come to a pause, but fall sports continue to compete. Sophomore Harrison Haley will race in Cartersville for the NC Cross Country team on Saturday.

“It’s not as exciting as some other breaks, but it’ll be fun,” Haley said.

harrison-haleyMackenzie Union

With the cool fall air returning, camping becomes the perfect vacation activity.

“Aside from working, I’m going camping with friends somewhere in Tennessee along the Appalachian Trail.” senior Sam Vang said.

samMackenzie Union

Who said the beach fails to satisfy in the fall? Seniors Dylan Stanhope, Kayla Johnson, Nikita Ukhov, Hailey Wisnewski, and Will Lovett cannot wait for their group beach trip to Destin, Florida.

“I’ve never been to the beach with all of my close friends before; this will definitely be a beach trip to remember,” Wisnewski said.

you-know-themMackenzie Union

AP Psychology and Honors History teacher William Hargis plans to enjoy the clear water beaches at Destin too. He’ll enjoy a relaxing trip and spending quality time with his kids and wife.

hargisMackenzie Union

Sophomore Kaden Barfield and his sister Madison Barfield, senior, look forward to their Panama City Beach trip over the break.

“I’ll also get to meet up with some of my friends at the beach, which is exciting,” K. Barfield said.

kaden-barfieldMackenzie Union

NC seniors plan to visit colleges over the break. Senior Brianna Anderson already lined up her week with college visits: “I am going to visit Vanderbilt, Clemson, Mercer, and Georgia Tech for the first few days of break.”

brianna-andersonMackenzie Union

Freshman Justin Lynch also made some exciting plans for his break within the area. “I get to go kayaking on Lake Allatoona, go-karting, and then relax and enjoy my time off from school,” Lynch said.

justin-lynchMackenzie Union

AP Literature teacher Steve Griffin will take time off from teaching to enjoy his daughter’s wedding in Michigan.
“I am excited to visit home and share a memorable day with my daughter and family,” he said.

griffinMackenzie Union

A few students plan on vacationing outside the United States over their break. Juniors Zachary Lewis and Stefanie Garcia intend to enjoy their break in Mexico. On a cruise and under the sun in Cancun, Lewis and Garcia both will savor the final warm days of the summer air.

stefanie-garciaMackenzie Union