Miniature Tigers astounds fans at The Masquerade

Lead singer Charlie Brand tunes his guitar before starting to play.

Travis Onyima

Lead singer Charlie Brand tunes his guitar before starting to play.

Sophia Mackey, Reporter

With their flashy lights, bubbling personalities, and incredible talent, indie pop band Miniature Tigers killed their performance at the small Purgatory stage in The Masquerade on August 9.

About an hour before showtime, phones and weather channels announced a flash flood warning and rain began pouring. Despite The Masquerade roof’s small amount of coverage, the bouncers ordered all fans to wait outside until an hour before showtime to enter the venue.

“I feel like The Masquerade should make some adjustments to their venue to prevent other concert goers and even employees from having to operate in those conditions. But after we entered and the concert had started, all of that was completely irrelevant,” senior Travis Onyima said.

The bouncers finally opened up at eight PM and let the fans inside the building and out of the storm. The show started at nine PM when opening Australian rock band The Griswolds performed. The new band exerted all their energy in their hit songs, such as “Right On Track,” “Heart of A Lion,” and “Mississippi.” Despite their young career, fans knew all of the words to their songs and sang them loudly.

“Houston and Atlanta are tied for the best show of the tour so far,” drummer Chris Riley said.

Finally at 10 PM, Miniature Tigers walked on stage and opened with their new hit song “Swimming Pool Blues.” They performed both old and new songs such as “The Wolf,” “Gold Skull,” “Boomerang,” and “Dream Girl.”

“The best song performed was ‘Cleopatra’. It’s my favorite song by them. Hearing it live was unreal after listening to it on my iPod for so long,” senior De’De’ Ajavon said.

The concert seemed more like a house party and less like a show when lead singer Charlie Brand walked through the crowd while singing “Cleopatra.” In their final song, “Used To Be The Sh*t,” Brand invited the crowd on stage to dance and sing along with the entire band.

“It was really surprising for him to dance with me out of everyone. I didn’t comprehend what was happening until after, but I was feeling about 20 different things at once. I also got to go on stage for the last song. It was really fun and it was the first time I’ve gotten to do that at a concert,” sophomore Allison Hahn said.

The concert kept going despite the band not playing anymore. Brand and other band members sold their own band merchandise, signed shirts, tickets, and body parts, took pictures with fans, and talked with any and everyone.

“It was so cool that the entire band basically did a meet & greet for free afterwards. We had an actual conversation with him,” Ajavon said.

Both The Griswolds and Miniature Tigers played a stellar show by keeping the crowd excited and performing their brilliant music.

“It’s always better when the crowd is into it. We’ll do a show in the Midwest, or something, and the crowd will just stand there. Atlanta is always ready to party,” Brand said.

imageSophia Mackey