The Chant’s fashion blast from the past

Tara Anastasoff, Reporter, Photographer

The Chant staff draws inspiration from their favorite childhood TV shows for their fall outfit inspiration. With vibrant colors, fun hairstyles, and a multitude of characters to choose from, the staff aims to channel their inner child with their “blast from the past” fashion sense.

autumn_melissa-alex_harperTara Anastasoff

Show: Wizards of Waverly Place

Characters: Alex Russo and Harper Finkle, best friends

Must-haves: colored scarves, fun headbands, a ”crazy funky junky” hat

Style icons and seniors Autumn Boekeloo and Melissa Sagaseta take outfit inspiration from best friends Alex and Harper. With a brightly colored scarf draped around her neck, Autumn reflects Alex’s “cool-girl” style perfectly. Adorning a slightly more eclectic outfit, Melissa wears a gold streamer headpiece and brightly colored t-shirt.

final-kat-kimTara Anastasoff

Show: Kim Possible

Character: Kim Possible, secret agent

Must-haves: Green pants, combat boots

Senior Kat Shambaugh modernizes Kim Possible using sheer tights, army green shorts, and a black tank top, modeling Kim’s iconic black and green color scheme. Already possessing red hair like Kim’s, Kat’s recreation of this secret agent appears spot-on.

rachel-samTara Anastasoff

Show: iCarly

Character: Sam Puckett

Must-haves: flannel jacket

Sophomore Rachel Maxwell reflects Sam Puckett’s fun and spunky style with an open flannel shirt, a staple in Sam’s closet. With her hot pink hair, Rachel adds her own special touch.


Show: Victorious

Character: Cat Valentine

Must-haves: brightly colored/fun top

Sophomore Bahaar Esfahani gives the camera all smiles while wearing a hot pink peplum top and light blue ombre jeans. Sporting a more day-to-day wearable outfit of Cat’s, this bright and fun outfit perfectly encapsulates Cat’s iconic style.

denise_mackenzie-hannah_lolaTara Anastasoff

Show: Hannah Montana

Characters: Hannah Montana, Lilly “Lola” Truscott, best friends

Must-haves: white vest, brightly colored tank top, jeans, sneakers, belt

Best friends and seniors Denise Thomas and Mackenzie Union channel their inner Hannah and Lola with light jeans and bright shirts.  Denise sports a tie-dye turquoise tank top and bright white jeans, a sure-favorite in Hannah’s everyday closet. Wearing a yellow t-shirt and white vest, Mackenzie mimics Lola’s style to a tee.

Using bright colors and patterns provides a breath of fresh air among the sea of traditional autumnal dark reds, greens, and browns. If stumped on what to wear, perhaps try taking style inspiration from an iconic figure and get the best of both worlds.