Varsity football scrimmage against Lassiter amps hype for new season

Kat Shambaugh, Reporter

NC’s Emory Sewell stadium felt alive with fans as the Warriors took on the Lassiter Trojans in a scrimmage hoping to build enthusiasm for the upcoming season. North Cobb won 30-26, with touchdowns by senior Tyler Queen, senior Devin Granville, sophomore Elijah Hairston, freshman Chandler Webber, and sophomore Quannie Green.

Football serves as an integral part of North Cobb and the surrounding community, and the first game exudes with excitement and energy for the team and citizens.

Dr. Page, North Cobb’s principal and an avid sports fan, appeared visibly enthusiastic for the scrimmage.

“I’m extremely excited for our first football game. It gives our students, staff and community a chance to come together and enjoy the best high school environment in the state. I’m also excited to see the great pictures sent to ‘The Tribe’ showing our school spirit. I’m looking forward to our first fan of the month,” Dr. Page said.

Students exuded similar enthusiasm for the game, especially those new to the experience.

“I’m excited because it’s my first ever North Cobb scrimmage,” freshman Ansley McCoy said.

The last quarter introduced the JV team into the game, and Coach Queen began switching players in and out so as to get different players in to experiment for the impending season. The ball continued to move back and forth, with both teams making no leeway until sophomore Quannie Green took the ball into the end zone with 6:28 left in the fourth quarter. Coach Queen continued to substitute players until the final seconds of the game, which ended victoriously for North Cobb.

DSC_0556Kat Shambaugh

Most of the excitement came in the first half of the contest. At 7:30, William Horton kicked off for North Cobb, and only three minutes later quarterback Tyler Queen made a pass to wide receiver Devin Granville, who was able to gain the first points of the game. The PAT was good, bringing the score to 7-0. A flag on North Cobb followed soon after and they lost the ball to Lassiter, who subsequently able to complete a touchdown pass with 8:13 left in the first quarter. Only two minutes later, the Trojans scored again, and the first quarter ended 7-14.

After a timely interception from sophomore cornerback Drew Tejchman and a key field goal, the Warriors headed into halftime tied 17-17. Halftime essentially marked the shift from starters to backups, in an attempt to give bench players playing time.

“Our team’s performance was decent for who we were playing. We did have flaws in the plays: false routes, missed blocks, etc., but the whole thing was a learning experience for this season. For the team it was serious, and when we came together we had a great drive. We learned a lot from the game and plan on making improvements for our upcoming game in Macon,” sophomore Michael Robinson said.

The scrimmage was a great way to start off the school year, and a positive omen for the Warriors’ future success.

Kat Shambaugh