Adored administrator becomes Ohio principal

Alicia Bush, Editor-in-chief

Landon Brown, championed administrator by day and celebrated vocalist by afternoon, relocated to Youngstown, Ohio’s Stambaugh Charter Academy to serve as its new principal.

“I decided to take on the job because it presented a great, new challenge to increase student achievement in a community full of potential,” Brown said.

Brown entered Warrior territory in 2012 after leaving Lindley 6th Grade Academy. During his two-year term at NC, he gained an immense amount of respect from staff members and students alike. Recognized for his upbeat personality and soulful karaoke tunes, Brown added a vibrant flair to the atmosphere while also maintaining professionalism.

“You always saw him around the hall interacting with students,” senior vice president Akilah Alwan said. “And he really got into all the activities we had, especially for Homecoming.”

Whether he assisted students with book check-outs, patrolled the hallways, or handled insubordination, Brown always wore a smile. His frequent singing and scatting quickly made him a student favorite administrator. His optimism echoed through the intercom and his split at last year’s basketball game remains a legendary moment in NC history.

“I miss many things at North Cobb. I miss the diversity. North Cobb’s true beauty is that it mirrors real America,” Brown said. “I don’t think the students really realize the natural beauty within that building.”

Although his current school faces certain challenges, Brown has already dedicated time and energy towards improvement. By decking the halls with bright colors and interacting with parents and students, Brown ignited a flame to excite the community. In addition to heightening school morale, he also sponsored a carnival and welcomed the students from an ice cream truck.

While Brown must serve another student body, he asserts his loyalty to NC. He created a strong bond with the leadership team and students, and he anticipates Warrior football Friday to celebrate with everyone.

“I’d like to thank the staff and Dr. Page for such a wonderful experience at North Cobb,” Brown said. “It was truly an honor to serve Warrior Nation.”

On behalf of the entire Orange and Blue family, Warrior Nation sends a huge “congratulations” to the new principal of Stambaugh Charter Academy.  Once a Warrior, always a Warrior.