Spring athletes hit the weight room after offseason


Courtney Moody

The varsity lacrosse team jogs around the field, conditioning and preparing for the upcoming season.

Lindsey O'Neill, Reporter, Artist/Cartoonist

As spring athletes return from the offseason, the time has come to cut back on sweets and hit the gym to prep for a successful season. Athletes demonstrate this effort each afternoon at NC’s Emory Sewell Stadium both on the field and track.

Any reputable team relies on intense training after a lacrosse offseason. Athletes’ commitment to greatness pushes them to endure the neverending repeats, circuits, and soreness.

“Getting back in shape is the hardest part of playing soccer, but it is worth the struggle when season rolls around and you finally get to play for NC,” sophomore Kenneth Carreon said.

Even a high-performing athlete like junior Stefanie Garcia, a runner on both NC’s female varsity Cross Country and track team, struggles with the start of any season. However, the return from break provides a tough transition; after a sedentary, food-filled two weeks, running a mile tends to shock the body’s system. Regardless, Garcia commits herself to the vigorous workout plans in hopes to establish a solid base of miles to lead into the 2017 track season.

“Getting back into shape sucks when all you did over break was eat tamales and chicken nuggets,” Garcia said.

Senior Katelynn Riner, a member of NC’s varsity volleyball team and Lady Warrior Lacrosse team, committed to Georgia Southern and will enroll to play on the Eagle’s volleyball team this upcoming fall. As a seasoned athlete, Riner knows how to transition from one season to the next. Even for those constantly involved with athletics, like Riner, the body requires consistent training to meet the athlete’s demands and expectations. Riner’s continual execution of plays within her sports proves the benefits persistent exercise can have towards an athlete’s experience.

“It’s hard and frustrating at times, with how tired you are at first, but definitely worth it when you see how much better you are as a player and as a team,” senior Katelynn Riner said.