The official ranking NC’s water fountains


Emmett Schindler

Reporter Jacob Tutterow traveled around the school to truly discover NC’s best water fountain.

Jacob Tutterow, Reporter

The 23 water fountains scattered around NC’s campus, overlooked by most students, deserve recognition despite their previous reputation. Rated on stream arc, temperature, accessibility, and location, not all water fountains come close to an acceptable standard.

Rating: ? (worst) to ????? (best)

Bahaar Esfahani
Senior Joshua Joines drinks from the water fountain located in the 600 hall.

600 Hall

The lone water fountain located in the 600 hallway sets the bar high for all other water fountains in NC. With a convenient location, the 600 hall fountain allows for quick sips of water, water bottle refills, and even long, refreshing cool downs after exercise. The hallway it stands in allows students to easily walk past those occupied with the water fountain, but also does not come close to the wall to feel uncomfortable to the user. The actual water content of the water fountain provides students with a icy drink of water and a manageably comfortable stream arc. The only detriments of the 600 hall water fountain comes from the nearby restrooms, which may allow for uncomfortable social interaction between the user and a student using the restroom.


Bahaar Esfahani
In the 300 hall, sophomore Jacob Tutterow takes a drink from the compact water fountain.

300 Hall

The mediocrity of the water fountain in the 300 hall hurts the overall identity of it. Its compact nature does not allow students to access water easily, and the location makes for cramped, disagreeable drinks of water. The worst option for a sip comes from this drinking device. Tightly packed hallways in between classes does not give students a chance to use this water fountain, and during the rush hour for quick drinks, students need accessibility. Along with a stream of water that goes way too high for a typical drink, filling up water bottles during class seems like the only use for this underwhelming water delivery service machine, as it does include a decent temperature.

Upstairs in Deal Building

Any water fountain in the upstairs Deal Building falls below average on anyone’s scale. Although accessibility and space to unwind comes with this model of water fountain, this fact does not change how bad other aspects compare. The temperature lacks, with warm water coming from the fountain. The actual arc of the water does not allow for easy drinking. Overall, several other options will serve students better in the quest for the perfect drink of free water.


Bahaar Esfahani
Sophomore Jacob Tutterow drinks from the water fountain located in the Deal Building.

Hall of Windows (beside Media Center entrance)

This so-called water fountain has no redeeming qualities. It looks as if the designers of the “fountain” (a poor excuse to use that glamorous word) made it for children. No need for this laughable garbage in the respectable establishment of education. Everything about this fountain screams failure, as it features an uncomfortable stream, warm water, and bad taste all in one. This water fountain sets the absolute lowest bar for a drink of water.


Bahaar Esfahani
Needing to get on both knees, senior Joshua Joines drinks uncomfortably from the water fountain near the Media Center.

Isolated in upstairs Freshman Academy

This outlier falls in a weird place on the scale of best to worst water fountains. The sheer isolation of this water fountain may make even experienced students look twice. It tastes vaguely metallic, but works well for both water bottles and sipping, and the temperature can cool students off decently. This mysterious fountain classifies as an outlier, and may only get visitors once a semester.


Bahaar Esfahani
In near isolation, senior Sam Smith consumes water in the upstairs Freshman Academy.

Overall, the water fountains around NC vary in quality. From excellence to down right insulting, the different available drinking opportunities do not all impress. The 600 hall, with an amazing location and overall quality in the machine, prevails as the best available free, refreshing drink at NC.