Trends from the past resurfaced for the present


Tara Anastasoff

Junior Luke Pradella sports a vintage windbreaker and band tee, perfectly exemplifying the style of a teen from the 90s.

Tara Anastasoff, Reporter, Photographer

“Throwback culture” refers to the glamorizing and defining aesthetic of nostalgia in today’s society, featuring trends and popular interests from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. The practice shows up in fashion, beauty, movies, and TV shows. As a huge influence on teenagers, these trends parade the streets and find themselves among Instagram and Twitter feeds worldwide.

In fashion, flared jeans, crop tops, turtleneck sweaters, scrunchies, pleated skirts, tube socks, cropped jean jackets, chokers, and big wire-frame glasses made their comebacks in 2016.

Crop tops, especially thin-strap knitted ones, overflow hangers of stores, often seen at Forever21 and Topshop. Furthermore, the rise of high-waisted pants (no pun intended) reached its peak in 2016. Just recently, fishnet tights resurfaced in a new way: girls wear them underneath distressed jeans so that their tights peek through the large holes and slashes, or even show above their waistline when wearing crop tops. Popular older bands like Van Halen and The Rolling Stones appear on graphic t-shirts as a staple in every girl’s closet.

Companies also include these retro styles and items into their branding. Over Summer 2016, VS PINK launched a themed clothing line featuring staples from earlier time periods: vintage and ringer tees, dolphin hem shorts, and even tube socks to complete the true 80s workout look. With the advertisements highlighting Polaroid cameras, roller skates, and pastel colors, VS PINK showed consumers their inspiration for the line and how it contributed to this ever popular aesthetic. PINK’s 6.5 million followers obsessed over the new releases and claimed them as closet must-haves.

Even shopping methods saw a change, as thrifting gained a huge following in the recent years due to people’s hunts for vintage pieces that nobody else could possibly possess in their closets. While shops now carry throwback trends, finding an older, vintage item from a higher end brand, such as Levi’s or Moschino, remains highly sought after and coveted.

This generation of teenagers prides themselves in eco-consciousness, taking on “tree-hugger” type lifestyles with vegan diets and hopes of world peace. Some people go so far as to call themselves “freegans,” living frugal lifestyles where they refuse to purchase anything or directly participate in capitalism.

In beauty and makeup trends, brown-toned lips and natural brows made their return, created easily with brands such as Glossier who famously sell their brow gel, Boy Brow. In fact, makeup artists worldwide headed to YouTube to create retro looks, ranging from everyday makeup and hair to big up do’s and statement lips. Red lipsticks claim their true origins and popularity from Marilyn Monroe, who recently inspired a signature collection named after her from MAC Cosmetics.

Throwback culture remains easily recognizable in fashion and beauty, but movies and TV shows also contribute to their fair share of the 1980s and 1990s resurgence. Many TV shows from these time periods, such as Friends and Gossip Girl, still represent some of the most popular programs on Netflix. With Gilmore Girls’ comeback Netflix series and the original Stranger Things, society’s obsession with all things throwback gave the show even more recognition.

Creating their “grunge” style, girls today dedicate Tumblr blogs and Instagram accounts to their aesthetic, nearly making it a religion. Adorning their walls with old magazine cutouts and records, even room decor took inspiration from the past. Target caught on to the groovy room decor style and now carries a wide variety of old movie memorabilia and posters that make it simple for the average teenager to create a 1990s inspired space.

With the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s’ influence on today’s society in more ways than one, incorporating both modern and vintage aspects into pop culture proves itself as the most ideal blend for teenagers today.

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