JV track takes fifth at Allatoona meet


Tara Anastasoff

JV boys, including sophomore Michael Wise in Lane 6, take off in the 100MD, one of the shortest events of the meet.

Tara Anastasoff, Reporter, photographer

JV Warrior track and field runners braved the near-freezing temperatures while they dashed their way past the finish line and into the fifth place spot of the meet at Allatoona High School on Wednesday, March 15.

Eight schools across the county attended the meet, including North Cobb Christian, North Paulding, Harrison, Creekview, South Cobb, Allatoona, and the Atlanta Girls School.

Events in this meet consisted of the 4×100 relay, 1600M, 400MD, 100MD, 100M High Hurdles, 110M High Hurdles, 800M, 200MD, and 300M Intermediate Hurdles. Due to the 36 degree weather and windy conditions, the officials at the meet cancelled the last two events, the 4x400M relay and 3200M.

Tara Anastasoff
Sophomore Brandon Ponder and sophomore Donovan Schumpert run their hearts out in the 1600M at the Allatoona track meet.

For most of the JV runners, this meet provided them with their first look at the world of track and field.

“I’m very nervous and it’s scary, but I’ve been practicing and I’ve improved since I first got here,” freshman Sayaka Marcussen said.

While some students felt nothing but nerves, others motivated themselves with the pure adrenaline and motivation coursing through their bodies.

“I feel like my whole life has led up to this moment, it’s either make it or break it,” sophomore Michael Wise said.

Overall, the school placed 5th for both boys and girls out of the eight schools, with a number of runners placing highly in their events. Sophomore Babin Van der Waal placed in the top five for both the 200MD and 400MD. In the 300M Hurdles, junior N’Deah Dismuke dashed and jumped her way into 2nd place. For the boys Shot Put, sophomore Trustin Key put on an astounding performance and won 1st place out of 25 hopefuls.

Tara Anastasoff
Parents and student alike filled the stands and sidelines of Allatoona high school, bringing warm blankets and bundling up in layers of clothing.