Men’s volleyball loses to Harrison, retains potential


Andrew Gasparini

NC’s men’s volleyball team prepares to receive the ball. The team played their first game against Harrison on March 22.

Andrew Gasparini, Reporter, photographer

NC’s new men’s volleyball team played their first game on March 22, 2017 against Harrison, losing in three sets.

Beginning at 5 p.m., NC Warriors filled the courts in the gym to put their newly acquired volleyball skills to the test and compete against a five-year-old Harrison team that finished second in state last year. The Hoyas looked capable hitting the ball but often failed to communicate as a team. As a result, the men’s volleyball team played three sets, losing two by eight points and the first by seven.

NC loudly called their balls and cheered when they scored a point. Students and some of the team’s parents came out to root on their Warriors, and even after a good turnout, the team would like to see the bleachers filled with supporters at their next home game.

“We should definitely have a home court advantage when we play at North Cobb. I think the best way to get that feeling is by having our bleachers crowded with people cheering for our school’s team,” senior Ben Hays said.

NC showed their potential for the upcoming season, especially considering a majority of the members never competed in a team beforehand.

Nerves were evident during the first set and the guys needed to work out the kinks of playing in a game as opposed to practice. By the end of the first set you could see that the kids were getting in the groove and started to really play together as a team.  By the third set, things were really coming together,” AP US History teacher Tamara Rankenburg said.

Seniors Ayinde Adimu (#2) and Hays (#10), impressed the audience with multiple well-hit serves, and the former played a key role in providing points for the Warriors. Junior Ethan Nelson earned the team’s last point by blocking a hit and slamming the ball on Harrison’s side.

The team will play next Wednesday, March 29, at River Ridge High School against the home team, Harrison again, and another unannounced team. Games begin at 5 p.m.