Mean men: NC construction crew forms cliques


Chloe Roberson

The construction workers start building, but the tension of cliques fills the air.

Chloe Roberson, News editor

With the impending construction at NC, several strange reports of clique formation and bullying make their way to the forefront of newsworthy events.

“I was walking near the Evergreen construction site and and a group of construction workers sprayed me with their water bottles and started laughing insatiably,” NC senior Martha Daddington said.

Construction worker cliques serve as the source for the bullying. Evergreen construction workers exclude other employees deemed not highly skilled or “effective in tractor driving” from social events, leaving them to feel the sting of unpopularity.

I have felt excluded by multiple members of the elite cliques. I do a fine job and should be included in Juan’s tractor socials or Caesar’s concrete drilling parties. And what about professionalism! We actually do have a job to do,” NC construction worker David Barron said.  

Several other students notified administration about experiencing the same treatment, so NC students formed SRLSE: Student Rapporteurs for Laborers and Student Equality. The student formed activist group demands that the cliques disband.

“We feel like this just isn’t what North Cobb is about. Our parents’ hard earned tax dollars pay their wages for them to rebuild our school, not to gossip!” NC senior and SRLSE coordinator Sarah Lamb said.

The group gained traction and attention with a reported increase in participation from a mere 20 students to 103.

“We have more than 100 members! We really have a voice now and can make a huge impact,” NC senior and SRLSE member Sam Smith said.

The group plans to conduct a public display of their objection to the behavior of the construction staff near the front entrance construction site on April 23rd.

April Fool’s, you fool!

XOXO, The Chant