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Menstruation serves as a natural process experienced by women throughout the world. Menstruation products remain essential goods purchased by women across the world. Despite the necessity of these products America’s government profits from feminine products through the enforcement of the pink and tampon taxes.

Patriarchal Periods?

Amber Roldan, Features Editor
April 13, 2021
Fast fashion clothes do not have the best material and they damage easily causing them to end up in landfills. Oceans hold these landfills and trash gets in the water contaminating it. Third world countries also hold landfills which results in the countries becoming heavily polluted.

The dark side of fashion

Jachi Cosby, Reporter
December 15, 2020
While positive influencers exist on social media, the majority of the biggest platforms consist of size 0’s, fitness trends, and harmful diets. The new age of social media continues to impact the younger generations by promoting a skinny ideal not always achievable by everybody. The lack of attainability of this perfect body type can cause harmful habits such as body checking, overexertion, and disordered eating. “Social media has probably increased disordered eating because everyone is on social media. The problem is that it’s in-your-face 24/7. Without social media you might have a day or a week to just be with yourself, to focus on your hobbies, to build resilience, to realize your value lies in connecting with family, with kindness, humor, art, schoolwork, creativity, etc. But now there is no break. The comparisons are relentless. The inner critic gets louder. The sense of inadequacy grows like wildfire. The need to diet spikes. The devastation of failure follows. Self-esteem sinks deeper,” licensed nutritionist Betsy Thurston said.


Lainey Devlin, Copy Editor
December 14, 2020
High school plays an undeniably important role in the majority of people’s lives. It affects them in numerous ways, from chances of getting into college, to future earnings and even ability to make long lasting relationships later in life.

High school and its relevance in life

Dominik Perez, Entertainment Editor
December 14, 2020
College costs over the past years have skyrocketed, with students worrying about dorm costs, books, tuition, food plan, and other miscellaneous activities that colleges throw their way. College students withdraw more loans now than there was in the early 2000s, and a group of students decides not to further their education, and some drop out midway because of the overbearing cost.

College tuition over the years

Racheal Oni, Reporter
December 11, 2020
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